Day for Night Artist Spotlight: Mount Kimbie

Written by on November 29, 2017

The English electronic duo known as Mount Kimbie have had a busy year with the release of their third album, Love What Survives. Kai Campos and Dom Maker started their musical venture while both were attending Southbank University, and in doing so, they became very familiar with the always busy London music scene. Taking cues from UK garage and popularizing “post-dubstep”, they attracted the attention of other London artists such as another Day for Night 2017 performer, James Blake. Their latest album received universal acclaim and with standout songs such as “Blue Train Lines” and “Marilyn” which both feature amazing, rising artists such as King Krule and Micachu respectively. Mount Kimbie are no strangers to critical acclaim with their previous albums, Crooks & Lovers and Cold Spring Fault Less Youth, have both become widely popular with good reason.

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Mount Kimbie surely will be at “must attend” show at Day for Night 2017. The duo cranks out the type of moving music that fits perfectly in line with the Day for Night crowd. The ambiance and vocals will overtake anyone into a trance that walks within an earshot of the Londoners. With James Blake in attendance to the festival, there might even be a guest appearance by their friendly London singer a la Thundercat and Kamasi Washington from last year’s festival. The Mount Kimbie experience will surely be an amazing one.

Buy tickets to Day for Night here! Vist Mount Kimbie’s website, Twitter, and Facebook!

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