Day for Night Artist Spotlight: Solange

Written by on December 12, 2017

Houston’s very own Solange Knowles has given melodious tunes to the R&B/Soul community. As a black female soul singer, she has gained a tremendous amount of attention with her unique voice and artistic visuals from her latest album, A Seat at the Table. This album was a huge success as it reached the #1 position on the Billboard 200 and had a grammy nominated single and win from “A Crane in the Sky”. Another single from this album, “Don’t Touch My Hair” gained a lot of attention from social media and in the black community, as it encouraged many people to speak up about how they felt about racial microaggressions and it became a social commentary.

Many listeners and the media tend to compare Solange to her sister–Beyonce. However, they are rather difficult to compare. From personalities to music goals they put out completely different projects. Solange produces harmonious, laid back beats while Beyonce produces more of an upbeat, audacious sound.

Solange has performed in Houston multiple times, many of these shows were free. She performs with backup singers and dancers who as a whole give a very visually pleasing presentation. I am sure her Day for Night set wont disappoint.

Solange is one of the headliners for Day for Night this year and will be performing December 15th and 17th. Make sure to check her out, especially if you want a comforting and mellow set. Seeing her live is definitely a pleasing experience!

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