Buku Artist Spotlight: Homeshake

Written by on January 26, 2018

Cool music you can dance and cry to at the same time, Peter Sagar, known as Homeshake, is coming to New Orleans for the 2018 Buku festival and it’s every single thing

From playing live guitar for Mac Demarco to making smooth, synth-pop, R&B songs filled with hazy synths and guitars, the Canadian artist and his friends started working together in 2012 and released his debut cassette The Homeshake Tape in 2013 followed by a second, called Dynamic Meditation, a chill, lo-fi album with a home-recorded sound. In 2014, Sagar released his first official debut album, In the Shower with hits like “Making a Fool of You” and “Chowder”, followed by his second album, Midnight Snack a tidied up version of his past works while staying true to his original sound.

His recent 2017 album, Fresh Air, is filled with stripped down, drowsy R&B with more synths than guitar, giving it a really chill, hypnotic feel you can literally just vibe to for hours or as one fan said makes you want to “melt into your couch”. His lyrics are surprisingly deep and full of blunt, intellectual thinking; the type you say in your head but never out loud. My favorite song, and most popular is “Every Single Thing”. You can watch the video down below.

Make sure to keep an eye out for Homeshake and don’t miss him at Buku. You can buy tickets here.

Follow Sagar on Twitter and Instagram and if you love yourself, download/stream his music on iTunes and Spotify.


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