BUKU Artist Spotlight: Borgore

Written by on February 21, 2018

For a man that has created his own genre known as “Gorestep”, Borgore has created a brand that has not only sparked controversy but has been able to mold that controversy into being identified as the “Bad Boy of EDM”.


Asaf Borger, also known by his stage name, Borgore, is an Israeli DJ/producer that entered the music scene long before he dabbled in the world of EDM. Borgore attended a highly prestigious music academy in his hometown of Tel Aviv where he had became remarkably skilled in the saxophone. He then strayed away from his jazz roots and started to embrace his love for metal once he began to learn the drums. This new instrumental passion lead to his co-founded band Shabira and was the first time he got a taste of the music industry.


Although he seemed to be doing well in his music career, the moment he heard UK dubstep for the first time in a club, his whole world changed. Borgore started producing his own EDM tracks that blended genres like hip hop and heavy metal with dubstep. His unique way of incorporating heavy/death metal with dubstep beats is how his self titled genre “Gorestep” was born.




Borgore has since debuted one studio album, #NEWGOREORDER, and has released over 16 singles. He has produced 4 mixtapes and has a history of collaborating with well known artists like Miley Cyrus, Diplo, G-Eazy  and Juicy J.


His music has gone viral with the help of his borderline misogynistic lyrics and risque marketing techniques. However, without the controversy he may not have become a household name amongst EDM listeners. Borgore has been able to manage this macho facade throughout the years because people either love him or love to hate him, either way, he has made it big enough to become a headliner for BUKU, so he must be doing something right.


Be sure to check him out on Saturday, March 10th at BUKU. Get your tickets here.

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