BUKU Artist Spotlight: Virtual Self

Written by on February 9, 2018

Virtual Self, a Porter Robinson project and alias, is a new and interesting neo-trance project which takes on a more grungy, early 2000’s electronic, and underground sound. Porter Robinson, an American DJ and producer, gained international fame and attention with his hit album Worlds in 2014, traveling the world and playing shows and festivals everywhere since then. He has gained a strong, international fan base of EDM listeners and beyond. Being a few years since he has released Worlds, it was highly anticipated for Porter to drop something new. However, it was unexpected for him to release something under an entirely different artist name and alias.

Despite Porter’s diversion from his own name and work with this project that takes on a different persona and darker energy than what he’s known for, it still holds his unique and brilliant production quality. It also maintains his unique anime/video-game inspired musical sound and experience that he’s well known for. With high energy and a virtual, eerie, video-game feeling, Virtual Self takes on an aura of underground early 2000’s raves with in-your-face bass, endless synths, and a dark disco sound. With a darker energy and aliases that perhaps embody a balance of masculine and feminine, there is a lot that can taken from this brilliant and mysterious Porter Robinson project.

Since the release of Virtual Self in November of last year, Porter has not played any festivals for Virtual Self, he has only played a few very small and exclusive shows in NYC. Porter is well known for his eccentric, intense, and vibrant live performances, being called one of the most brilliant electronic artists to see live by several DJ magazines. With this in mind, Porter fans have been dying to see the magic of Virtual Self unfold in a live set. BUKU Music & Arts festival has booked Virtual Self’s first U.S. festival debut of the year, along with a stacked and diverse lineup with artists like Bassnectar, Migos, SZA, and more. You won’t want to miss the chance to experience this intense and unique set by Virtual Self and other brilliant artists in New Orleans this spring break. Click here to buy tickets to BUKU and check out the Virtual Self EP on Soundcloud below.

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