BUKU Spotlight: Bassnectar

Written by on February 22, 2018

In the modern electronic dance music scene, there are countless gifted artists that contribute so much to their fan base. One of the most notorious artists’ that has built a thriving fan base is the legend known as Bassnectar. Coming from Santa Cruz, Cali, Lorin Ashton began his notoriety for his music at Burningman where he brought the concert-goers the sound of his future. Bassnectar’s music relies on his incorporation of strong drum and bass elements alongside a hypnotic low-frequency bass line, and an extraordinary visual production. His music offers a very chilling, touch to home, and sensational experience while conveying the essence of love he has for his fan’s. Bassnectar’s music has always been an important part of EDM culture, you hear at least one track of his almost anywhere. His most notorious song is probably “Bass Head” which was released in 2010, the song incorporates many interesting sounds and beats that you feel in your bones.

Out of all his songs, the song I consider to be his greatest is “You & Me”.

Bassnectar will be performing at BUKU Music+Arts Project Saturday, this year in New Orleans


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