SXSW Artist Spotlight: Joji

Written by on February 23, 2018

George Miller, better known as Joji, is a Japanese-Australian Lo-fi instrumental hip-hop performer and producer. Joji up and started his musical performance by uploading to his YouTube channel called TVFilthyFrank. His alternate persona called Filthy Frank could be one of the most important reasons Joji was able to get his music rolling. By providing his 8.3+ million subscribers with bits and pieces of the music he was working on, Joji was given the opportunity to become what he wants to be.

Joji’s creativity and passion are overwhelming, his music channels all of his sweat, hard work, and inspiration, into something amazing. Joji’s music offers a slow, relaxing beat, with a story that’s enthralling. One of the best representations of his talent is with his song “will he”, check it out below.

Joji will be performing at Empire Garage on March 25th. He is one of most interesting up and coming artist in my opinion and I believe that his performance is going to be one that you don’t want to miss.

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