BUKU Artist Spotlight: Jay Electronica

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Jay Electronica, a producer and rapper from New Orleans, has been a part of the rap scene for years but has gained attention in the last few years after being signed to Jay-Z’s record label. From his early humble days of MySpace and mixtapes, he has come a long way without forgetting these important beginnings and where he came from. Being born and growing up in the Magnolia Projects of New Orleans, he began rapping after hearing his uncle drop bars, and he decided pursuing music would his future. Spending years traveling the country, from L.A. to Atlanta to New York, he gave up everything to pursue his lifestyle of music. Sadly, his hometown followed him to every stage he played at, as he was often disliked and booed for his heavy Southern accent and slang that was looked down upon at most places he played at. With all this negativity and embarrassment he faced, he could have given up, but instead he found a producer in Detroit who he began working with and led him to collaborating with J. Dilla and Mr. Porter. With this, his career really began to take off.

After this, he began putting out singles, booking tours, and even playing at some festivals, including Bonnaroo in 2010. Continuing to gain attention and put out music, his unique sound often pairing electronic sound with rap music and spoken word, he gained the attention of Jay-Z’s label, who signed him in 2010. Soon after, he put out his first full-length album, Act II: Patents of Nobility (The Turn), which did well and led him to more collaborations and singles with Jay-Z. Jay Electronica’s personal life is just as interesting as his career story. He has one child with Erykah Badu, and was in 2012 it was revealed that he had an affair with his music manager’s wife for a year. He is also known for being a part of the Nation of Islam, and has spent several years living in London.

Jay Electronica’s interesting music style and sound reflects his interesting life and experiences. Making a return to his home city this March 9th and 10th, he will be performing at BUKU Music & Arts Festival, joining a diverse and exciting lineup. With this comeback to New Orleans, he is sure to deliver an phenomenal performance you won’t want to miss, alongside other artists like Migos, SZA, Isaiah Rashad, and more. Be sure to check out Jay Electronica’s Soundcloud below as well as catch his homecoming performance at Buku Music & Arts Festival.

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