BUKU Artist Spotlight: Snakehips

Written by on March 1, 2018


The amazingly smooth R&B duo from the UK, Snakehips, have been a sensation in the soul music community. These production gurus have given us some of the most relaxing, melodic grooves we have heard yet. Their music incorporates a variety of low-key melodies mixed with the perfect hip-hop breakbeats and lyrics. Being known for their contemporary take on R&B and hip-hop, the duo have carefully designed many complex and sultry hits that give you the sense of euphoria. They first came out of their nest with multiple remixes of songs by Banks, The Weekend, Bondax, and Wild Belle around 2012. Their most recent hit was the excellently made song “Don’t Leave” with MØ. Snakehips went out of their traditional R&B roots and delved into a more electro-pop phase, but it sounds great. The song still resembles a lot of Snakehips’ musical character; it has a low tempo, ambient sounds, and warm vocals.

Snakehips will be performing at this years’ BUKU Music+Arts festival in New Orleans. Snakehips are a set that will always deliver, providing the audience with an incredible selection of low-BPM soul music, with a hint of hip-hop and electronica. The duo’s complex,  relaxing music style will offer a unique experience that is always a joy to listen to. Like many of the artists that are going to be there, Snakehips is a must see.







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