SXSW Artist Spotlight: Starcrawler

Written by on March 2, 2018

Venues have to put up warning signs when this band comes into town. It’s best if you bring a poncho to their shows, if you don’t want to get messy. If you like your hearing, you might as well walk in with a pair of earplugs. Fresh out of high school, Starcrawler is one of the West Coast’s wildest acts right now. Cranking out fast-paced, old-school glam and punk rock by the way of the Cramps and Stooges, Starcrawler has been making some major noise these last two years. Young and promising, the band got their shot at the spotlight when Elton John played their single, “Ants,” on his Beats 1 radio show; and ever since then, Starcrawler has been hard at work, crafting new songs and touring the United States and Europe. I had the pleasure of being able to catch them in Houston (read the review here); it was a refreshing experience of rock music that is seldom seen nowadays. Take yourself back in time with Starcrawler at the helm.

Coming off the release of their recent debut album, which was produced by Ryan Adams, Starcrawler is set to make their first SXSW appearance this year; it definitely will be a wild one as is the norm for the L.A. teenagers. If you don’t believe me, find out for yourself what it’s like to go through the Starcrawler experience. You might end up a fan or, better yet, covered in fake blood.

Check out the band on their website, Facebook, and Twitter.

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Featured Image by Autumn de Wilde

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