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Written by on April 20, 2018

It has been five years since you gave up your passion for someone you thought was permanent; then ended up stuck behind a desk counting the seconds until the clock strikes 5 pm…just to question everything again tomorrow.

R&B artist Corey H was in this thought process five years ago until he looked out the window to read, “If you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.”

It took one sentence for Corey to put in his two weeks notice and return to his first real love, music.

Where the Journey Began

Inspired by Disney’s animated feature The Lion King, elementary school boy, Corey Hopkins, showcased his vocals by mimicking Simba’s unique voice to the local school girls. Although, the real push he needed came from the 1991 film about a Motown singing group named The Five Heartbeats. “They had such a big influence on me wanting to stand on stage and just sing my heart out because I saw what they did and I was like man, I wanna do that,” shared Corey H, as he reminisced on his childhood days.

It did not take long for the Katy, Texas native to catch the attention from the locals and record labels alike. Founded by LaFace Records, Corey signed with Music World Entertainment (owned by Beyonce’s father, Mathew Knowles) and was instantly placed in a boy band called Mason Road. In a short time frame Corey was able to catch a glimpse of what music could really do when his band’s performance for the troops was broadcasted on FOX 26.

Being the youngest of the five members, 17 year old Corey parted ways with the band and began his own musical journey. His first big break as a solo artist happened in 2008 when he was featured on BET’s Wild Out Wednesday. However, it did not take long for reality to catch up and cause him to make a life changing decision.

Reaching the Peak, Only to Fall

Forced to decide between his relationship with his wife or his relationship with music, Corey was given an ultimatum on the night of his 25th birthday bash, that signified the height of his career.

“Me or your music.” A choice no musician should be forced to make but unlike many artists who choose their craft over loved ones, Corey chose to take a leap of faith and stand by his relationship. Unfortunately, neither of them knew the toll a new lifestyle would take on their marriage.

Corey shared, as he looked back on his decision, “When I changed, everything else change. Now I am not the person you fell in love with, this stranger is normal Corey who sits at the house and goes to work. The Corey you fell in love with was the dude that was always in the spotlight. When you took that from me, this is who I became.”

The problems were rooted deeper than where the source of income was coming from, Corey was forced to come to terms with his partner’s infidelity. However, the hardships he had faced became the blueprints for his latest project Quietstorm, and have caused him to become a more vulnerable writer in hopes that he can help others going through similar situations.

“I got out of that situation and it has actually allowed me to become the person I am today. It allowed me to write my music that I’m writing now. Back then I used to write something so that it could be entertaining. Sometimes it was relatable but I wanted it to be entertaining. Now, it’s real life..I can’t fabricate it…it comes so naturally, when I sing it, you can feel the hurt..when I sing you can feel it’ said Corey H.

Corey hopes to reach his audience through his lyrics and wants his listeners to know that he plans to remain humble and understanding to life’s obstacles.

“How Bad You Want it, is How Hard You’ll Work For it”

Inspired by Usher, Michael Jackson and David Ruffin from The Temptations, Corey H AKA Mr. Hopkins is currently trying to find investors to invest in his latest R&B project Quietstorm.

Quietstorm contains six songs (along with six visuals to come) based on the six chapters of his life including how he gave up music and the road to redemption.

The EP will contain genuine lyrics with songs like “Bae” and “Enemy”. These are just a couple of tracks that ended up becoming some of his favorite pieces to write after channeling the honest emotions that had festered up inside for so long.

“Even though it looks like nothing happened on the surface, y’all had no idea what was boiling on the inside” said Corey H reflecting back on his five year break from music.

Although Corey H is an artist who has been through trials and tribulations, he continues to provide real talent with a strong positive energy to match; so be sure to check out his work because he has quality material to offer.

Where to Find Corey H and His Music

Corey’s music is on Itunes and Spotify, but due to conflict with Corey H not receiving any royalties, he steers his fans to YouTube and hard copies of his music.

If you are interested in buying his music, be sure to contact him on Instagram coreyh3d or coreyhopkins and be on the lookout for his completed project, Quietstorm.

Not only is Corey H a R&B artist but he is also a radio personality for 95.3 JAMZ on TUNEIN.

Check out Corey H hosting and possibly performing at the artist showcase “Who Owns It First” on April 22nd and May 6th at 12914 Murphy Rd Stafford TX 77477.

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