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Written by on September 14, 2018

Kilo Kish, Mothe

Kilo Kish for Flaunt Magazine (via her Instagram)

Kilo Kish is a singer, producer, and designer from New York. She grew up in Florida, but moved to New York to attend design school, which is when she also got immersed in the music scene. You can definitely hear the underground electro-pop New York influences in her music and style. Her first album got her some attention on Soundcloud, and she began collaborating with artists like Gorillaz and Vince Staples (whom she toured with last year). With her successes from her previous music, and attention from collabs, Kilo was definitely due for some music, and Mothe did not disappoint. The album has deeper, more abstract production, as well as more distorted and intense vocals. It’s classified as R&B/Soul (or “trihop”), but has strong electronic influences, mixing to create an incredibly unique, blended sound like nothing I’ve heard before. Mothe shows her maturing and developing her own style more, and there’s no doubt I’ll be bumping this EP for a while. My favorite track has to be “Like Honey,” simply because the production and energy she brings, it shows promise for her future and I can see her easily headlining tours with songs like this. Click here to check out Mothe on Soundcloud, or click here for Spotify. 

Sophie Meiers, Candle Glow

Sophie Meiers from her SoundCloud

Sophie Meiers’ voice has been circulating Soundcloud lately, reminding me of Kali Uchis. Her gentle and melodic voice is perfect for listening to on a slow, rainy day. Only 18, she has made her way into singing, songwriting, and producing across many different genres. She released quite a few singles last year, and an album earlier this year called Broken Clinic, which focused on themes of depression and mental health. A perfect follow up to that increasingly popular album, she has already dropped another shorter album called Candle Glow. With a lighter, and more elegant feel to it, Candle Glow is beautiful and perfect for the upcoming fall/winter vibe. Meiers has almost come a long way from posting videos making music in her bedroom, and with this new music, it’s definitely up from here. My favorite song from the album is “Sincerely, Yours,” for the lovely melody and slow, yet upbeat energy. Click here to listen to Candle Glow on Spotify, or click here to check out her Soundcloud. 

Tash Sultana, Flow State

Tash Sultana on tour, via her Instagram

Tash Sultana is a young, gifted artist from Australia, and she’s been taking the world by storm with her insane music talent. She’s not only a singer and songwriter, but also plays 15 different instruments – creating a dynamic one-person show. These performances are what gained her attention on the internet, and her singles started jumping in online streams. Her 2016 EP Notion showed promise, but her new full-length album Flow State sealed the deal for her. Dynamic, diverse in sound, and all created by her own musical and artistic vision, the album is comparable to the likes of soul legends like Erykah Badu. Her music crosses genre boundaries, from lo-fi, to psychedelic rock, to soul, she blends all of these influences to create her own, unique sound. She has already toured across Australia and Europe, and is hitting a world tour again soon for Flow State. My favorite track from the album has to be “Pink Moon,” as she slows it down while also bringing a strong, feminine energy that ties together the whole album perfectly. Click here to listen to Flow State on Spotify, or click here for her Soundcloud.


Poliça, Music For the Long Emergency 

Poliça via Spotify Images

Poliça is a synth-pop band from Minneapolis, with lead vocalist Channy Leaneagth being the face of the well established band. The band has been producing and creating music since 2011, and in the mean time they have gained success and attention, collaborating with artists like Bon Iver and Spoon. They have several albums out, each with a unique theme and energy, and have toured with bands like the xx. Expressing political ideas and radical feminism, their music transcends typical synth-pop, also borrowing from R&B and goth pop with deeper messages. As the majority of their listeners are based in Europe, the band has spent significant time touring there, which is perhaps what influenced this new album. In collaboration with Berlin-based experimental orchestral collective, s t a r g a z e, Music For the Long Emergency was born. Branching from their typical sound and moving towards more experimental, politically driven work was a smart move for the band at this point in their career. The album is fresh, invigorating, and leaves you curious for more. “Agree” has to be my favorite track from the album, as it gives off an eerie, tense energy, but Leaneagth kills the vocals, as always. Click here to check out the album on Spotify, or click here for their Soundcloud.

H.E.R., I Used To Know Her

H.E.R. performs during the 2017 BET Experience in Los Angeles.

California-based singer Gabriella Wilson (better known by her stage name H.E.R.) became popular across America after her self-titled debut album was released last year. Holding an anonymous but feminine identity, she creates soulful, chilled R&B sound that has caught the attention of many. Collaborating with other young, up-and-coming artists like Daniel Caesar and Khalid, she is amongst the next generation of powerful female artists. She carries this strong, feminine energy with her in her newest release, I Used To Know Her, which serves as a prelude to a soon-to-come full-length album. The album combines her previously established sound with more spoken-word poetry/rap influences, as well as collaborations with D.J. Scratch and Bryson Tiller. The album captures a more personal identity this time, which is important as she’s developing as an artist and establishing herself. It’s hard to pick a favorite song, as every track on this short prelude resonates deeply, but if I had to it would be “Lost Souls,” as it sets a powerful message and tone for the project. Click here to listen to I Used To Know Her on Spotify, or click here for Soundcloud. 

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