ACL Artist Spotlight: Manchester Orchestra

Written by on October 1, 2018

Manchester Orchestra, Photographed by Timothy Hiatt/ Stringer

If you’re a fan of gripping lyrics, raw vocals, and an indie alternative sound, then this is a set you have to go watch! Manchester Orchestra, contrary to what their name may be implying, is not, in fact, an orchestra. They are a four piece rock band hailing from Atlanta, Georgia. The group currently consists of songwriter/guitarist/singer extraordinaire, Andy Hull, as well as lead guitarist Robert McDowell, bassist Andy Price, and drummer Tim Very. Each member takes a significant and critical role in producing the band’s signature sound.

Manchester Orchestra has released five studio albums, spanning from the release of I’m Like A Virgin Losing A Child in 2006 to their latest release A Black Mile to the Surface in 2017, all five of which are not without the band’s powerful sound. The coupling of Andy’s light and scratchy voice with their multi-layered leveled lyrics and their strategically (and might I add perfectly) placed instrumentals is what draws and continues to keep audiences in for years to come. The band is constantly experimenting with their sound and thus evolving. Their latest album is no exception. The group plays around with keeping a full sound as well as completely stripping their songs down to their bare elements. I believe that Manchester Orchestra has seemed to nail down the art of transitioning their pieces from a haunting studio sound to a chilling acoustic performance.

Take for example two songs from their most recent album.

[youtube url=”” width=”460″ height=”340″ autoplay=”yes”] [/youtube]

And the acoustic version/ official music for their song “I Know How To Speak”

Side note: They don’t just make great songs in general, they’re also kings of covers. My personal favorite is their soothing rendition of the Piña Colada song, yes, that Piña Colada song.

You can catch Manchester Orchestra next as they take the stage at the Austin City Limits Festival. They’ll be performing on both Friday dates on the HomeAway stage at 4:45-5:45 pm. Buy your tickets here.

What was that? Can’t make it to Austin? Well don’t worry, the boys are also starting a tour this November alongside the Front Bottoms. They’ll be making a stop here in Houston on November 27th. Buy your tickets here. You won’t want to miss this!


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