Mala Luna Spotlight: Nicky Jam

Written by on October 25, 2018

Photography by: Koury Angelo

With a Puerto Rican soul and a Columbia groove, Nicky Jam is currently one of the top reggaeton artists of his caliber.
He suffered from drug addiction and alcoholism within ten years into his stardom. He lost sight of himself and burned bridges with childhood friend and fellow music partner Daddy Yankee.

The thought of reaching his peak was embedded into his head which pushed him to strive for success. Nicky decided to get himself together and begin a new chapter by moving to Medellin, Colombia to follow the dream he was so close to achieving. With a clearer head and a brighter vision, Nicky decided to drop the Puerto Rican trap sound and focus on humble beginnings, love, and lyricism- all trademarks that keep Colombia going.

Photography by: Koury Angelo for Billboard

On July 10, 2015, Nicky dropped his first national hit “El Perdon” featuring Enrique Iglesias. He unapologetically went double platinum and won a Latin Grammy for Best Urban Interpretation for that year.

Born in Boston and raised in Puerto Rico, Nicky Jam has made one of the biggest comebacks known in Latin music history. The Puerto Rican singer continues to pave new ways by collaborating with artists like the Latin rock group Mana, Ivy Queen, J Balvin, Will Smith, even Daddy Yankee to name a few.


In 2017, Nicky Jam dropped his album, Fénix, with 26 songs showcasing his range and highlighting the sound that makes Latin America thrive. The album features artist like Plan B, Sean Paul, Valentino, Arcángle, Messiah, and many more.

Feel the rhythm this Saturday as Nicky Jam takes over Nelson Wolff Stadium at Mala Luna.

Check out the rest of the lineup and get your tickets here.

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