Concert Review: Klingande

Written by on November 8, 2018

Tropical house is to Klingande as butter is to toast. These two form a symbiotic relationship, one that is known worldwide. Now, tropical house is a genre of many sounds and many styles, it’s best to understand who does what. Klingande, for example, attributes plenty of jazz roots to their music, usually pairing that with a smooth piano melody and a touch of vocals. That being said, you could get a brief idea on what they sound like, or just take a listen to “Jubel“, their most popular and most recognized song.

Friday, at Stereo Live, Klingande played a show. This show was not ordinary, or what you would ever expect from a house set. Klingande took the stage with a saxophone as well as a violin. There, they played a tangent of songs that worked so well with the atmosphere. From “Jubel” to “Good Times” by Mr. Belt & Wezol, to Disclosure’s remix of Flume’s “You & Me“, and then finally to the best part of the show, when they played “Riva” ft. Broken Back.

Here’s just a smidgen of what I’m talking about. What other house set do you get the immersion by having the sax and violin player come in the crowd and play right in front of you? Certainly not any that I have seen before. Just by listening to music and watching the performance, you can become a part of exactly what you were supposed to feel. The rush of energy from the drums, the elegant touch of the piano, and the alluring gaze of the sax. These three aspects create the perfect recipe for a chill and exciting show. It was, unfortunately, the first time a lot of the crowd has seen Klingande live, but I certainly say it won’t be the last. The crowd became one with the show, taking it all in. It was spectacular.

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