JMSN Brings Boogie Nights to Houston

Written by on December 18, 2018

JMSN performed a SOLD-OUT show at White Oak Music Hall Wednesday night with his opener August 08. August 08 had an interesting set as the crowd wasn’t feeling him until he played his track “‘Funeral.” That’s when people saw his full potential as a singer.  His side jokes in between tracks kept the energy of the crowd up, but he still has some work to do when it comes to live performances. August 08 is signed to 88Rising, which is an independent record label holding artists like Brian, Kohh, Joji, and Keith Ape, and you can hear some of August 08 Essentials here.


JMSN came out on the stage and brought his funk as the crowd didn’t stop singing and dancing until he left the stage. He played all of his hit songs from the beginning of his career to his recent music, and the crowd knew every single word to each song. Coming out with “Levy” and “Mind Playin’ Tricks,” you could tell this concert was going to be amazing just off of the energy of the crowd. The band was amazing and everything sounded similar to the album. The concert made you appreciate the use of the live instrument. He would go on to one of his oldies, “Most of All,” from the album It Is., and his dance moves were not disappointing as the crowd hyped him up each time he busted out the soul train dances.


The highlight of the concert was when he performed “Street Sweeper,” “Inferno,” “Talk is Cheap,” and “Drinkin’.” You could see his energy grow more and more based on how the crowd reacted to each song, and the more the crowd got into the songs the more emotion he put into his performance. Each time he had a guitar solo he would make faces to the sounds the guitar made which was very entertaining to watch. His voice matched how he sounds on the album and it is satisfying to the ears, you could just close your eyes and BOOM, you’re now on a psychedelic trip.

He finished off with the fan favorite “Cruel Intentions,” and with such a beautiful finale, he was forced back out for an encore in which he danced his heart out for two minutes while the crowd watched in awe. With little to no props or special effects, he gave Houston an old-school five-star performance with nothing but lights, live instruments, dancing, and his soulful voice.


Final Review: ★★★★★


Venue Review: White Oak Music Hall is was a wonderful venue with great customer service, the employees were very helpful and nice. Another plus was free convenient parking by the venue with an easy way in and out the parking lot. Definitely, one of the better venues in Houston as it was very safe, clean and convenient.


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