JMSN:The King of The Underground R&B Is Coming to Houston!

Written by on December 11, 2018

Texas-born R&B singer Christian Berishaj, more known as JMSN is signed to an independent record label named White Room Records. He has been consistently releasing soulful albums since 2012 and continues to progress his style and make a name for himself. He has worked with the kinds of Kendrick Lamar, Game, J. Cole, and many more.  JMSN released his 6th studio album named “Velvet” earlier this year. The album was beautifully put together from lyrics to production it was a flawless effort. The album title Velvet fits the style of the album as he written and produced 14 smooth and beautifully crafted tracks.

JMSN Velvet album Cover

JMSN soulful voice and lyrics let you know this man has been through the downs in his life. His lyrics talk about his romance problems and battles with addiction. The honesty he sings about in his personal life makes his fans feel so close to him which how he gained his cult following. His voice is definitely something you have to listen to live to fully immerse yourself into the story he tells in his lyrics.

Velvet was the best R&B album released this year and it’s a shame it wasn’t nominated for any Grammys. JMSN if you ever read this just know your music and effort you put into your music is much appreciated by your fans. Songs like Inferno, Cruel Intentions, Foolin’, Score, So Badly, the list could go on for days makes us know that soulful legacy will live on forever. If you’re new to JMSN check out this playlist to hear his essentials.

JMSN is currently touring his album Velvet around the world recently leaving his overseas tour and is bringing to the US for the last stretch of his tour. He will be in Houston @ White Oak Music Hall December 12th! Click here to get your tickets Now!



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