Alison Wonderland & Dillion Francis: The Duo You Need in 2019

Written by on January 25, 2019

Dillion Francis and Alison Wonderland, two of the most popular DJs and producers in electronic music today, announced last year that they were working on a collaboration. Shortly after, they announced they would go on tour together with the collaboration; playing their unique individual sets in addition to a b2b set together. Although Francis and Wonderland have rather different backgrounds and sound, one thing they’re both killer at is bringing the bass and making sure their fans have a great time.

“@dillonfrancis and I are expecting!!!! (a collab)” @alisonwonderland shared via Instagram.

Francis is a legend in EDM, having a diverse discography and being known for his goofy personality, he’s made a name for himself in the genre in the past decade. He’s known for popularizing “moombahton,” a fusion of house music and reggaeton, and much of his music draws from latin-inspired sound. Some of his songs like “Get Low” and “Say Less” have become classic EDM hits. Wonderland is an Australian artist who has worked her way to the top in the last few years, especially gaining attention for the success of her album Awake . Since then, she has played festivals and toured around the world, including playing a packed set at Coachella last year. She breaks the rules for the typical DJ today – including singing some of her own vocals and playing the cello live at her shows.

Both of these artists’ unique backgrounds and talents makes their collaboration even more exciting. After much anticipation from fans, the track “Lost My Mind” finally dropped today. Most definitely bringing the heavy bass and exhilarating production both artists are known for, the track doesn’t disappoint and was worth the wait. With the release of the track and kick off of the Lost My Mind Tour, you won’t want to miss out on this high-energy duo this year.

Luckily, you can catch them playing here in Houston on February 8th at Revention Music Center. Click here to grab your tickets before they’re gone! With the hype that both of these artists have created and their impressive new song, there’s no doubt their b2b set will be seriously incredible.



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