Concert Review: Washed Out

Written by on January 3, 2019

I left my house, 30 minutes later than I had originally planned, but I made it just in time to catch the first opening act Miears. Miears was phenomenal. She played a few songs from her album, Who Will Save You?. Her melodic voice piercing through the crowd, her fingers knowingly stroke her white Rolland Keyboard, she captivated the crowd. Hailing from Houston, Texas, Miears describes her sound as electronic pop. She is currently part of the band, BLSHS. Miears is a solo project.


After Miears was the performer MACK. Watching MACK perform was like watching my best friend of 13 years perform. She was so care-free and fun. She danced, not to impress, but because she genuinely wanted to. Aside from performing, she talked to us, the crowd. The interaction felt genuine as well, as laughs erupted from the crowd. She was also born and raised in Houston, TX. After losing her father to cancer this year, she decided life was too short to waste. She had been on tour for the last few weeks, happily performing songs from her EP Mack’s Tape and unreleased songs.


Of course, the main meal. The entree, Washed Out. I was really excited to attend this concert, as I have never seen Washed Out perform live. I thought Washed Out was a one-man band, but apparently not. It is a three-man performing band, backed by an interesting slideshow. They played songs such as “New Theory“, and “Get Up” from their EP “Life of Leisure” along with a few songs from their 2017 album “Mister Mellow“, such as “Floating By” and “Zonked“.


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