SXSW Spotlight: The Artists from the East Redefining Electronic Music

Written by on February 21, 2019


DCNXTR, or De connextor, is an electronic group from Bangkok, Thailand. Their futuristic dream-pop sound, layered with synthesizers and low frequency, creates a “vintage drum machine sound and Motorik brim.” They don’t confine their sound to any rules or norms, but instead decide to create something new entirely out of the box within the electronic realm. Having a deeper philosophy behind their music, you can hear their thoughts and ideas come to life within their dreamy sounds. Their album Connext gained the attention of fans across Asia, and despite taking a long hiatus from when the group first came together, DCNXTR is now back and ready to create more magic. They are definitely redefining electronic music, and with artists like Grimes and Porter Robinson gaining popularity in the U.S., there’s definitely a following for their style of heavy synthesizers and dream-pop vibe. You can catch DCNXTR at SXSW this year, as they bring independent artists from around the globe together in Austin this March. DCNXTR will be playing on March 12th in Austin, and you won’t to miss to check them out, as well as the rest of the incredible lineup SX has to offer.

Faded Ghost

Faded Ghost is a producer/DJ pseudonym of Shanghai based vocalist ChaCha Yehaiyahan. She is an independent artist, taking on this broad project, which is considered under the electronic subgenre of Avant/Experimental. Her music is experimental, incredibly unique, and engaging in a way that sucks you into a musical void. She uses her vocals; layering them with field recordings and a combination of hardware and software. She creates collages by soundtracking her memories, experiences and dreams. Being an abstract conceptual project, Faded Ghost has no rules and does not confine to any genre or one type of sound. Being self-taught in producing, ChaCha’s work, both in producing and performing live, is incredible as she stays on the fringe of China’s evolving music scene. Being able to make such deep, experimental, and underground sound, while also staying relevant in the dance scene gives Faded Ghost a unique position in electronic music. Her recently released second album, Moon Mad, explores feelings and experiences of the sun and moon at different latitudes around the globe. By observing and experiencing the sound, culture and technology around the world, she’s able to understand the effects of the moon and tidal fluctuations on individuals and on groups. From here, she drew together the sounds that make up and Moon Mad, with an intriguing narrative behind it.

You can catch Faded Ghost‘s mesmerizing sound in Austin for SXSW this March. She will be playing on March 15th. You can click here for the full music schedule to check out the other amazing artists SXSW is bringing this year.

Click here for more info on SXSW and click here for the full artists lineup. You won’t want to miss this innovative and inspiring festival with incredible artists from around the world. Who else are you looking forward to seeing this year? Click here to snag your discounted student tickets and spend your spring break immersed in art and culture in Austin!

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