The UK DJs You Won’t Want to Miss at SXSW

Written by on February 8, 2019

SXSW Music Festival invites artists, industry professionals, and fans from all over the world to Austin, Texas for a week every March to connect and discover the new wave of music. Bringing the freshest and most groundbreaking artists carefully curated from across the globe, SXSW is an innovative project for aspiring artists and fans alike. This spring, SXSW is bringing some of the most exciting rising DJs from the UK here to Texas. The UK, and London in particular, have been the birthplace of many underground music scenes and subgenres in the last few decades. FEMME and Madam X are both joining SX’s stellar collection of artists as two of the most unique and badass rising artists from UK, and you won’t want to miss your chance to see them this March.


FEMME \\Discogs

English singer, songwriter, and producer, Laura “FEMME” Bettinson has been pushing the boundaries of the electronic and pop worlds in London. Writing her own music from an early age, she’s always been dedicated to following her vision. Bettinson attended the University of London to study music and spent the early days of her career playing at pubs nearby. She says she likes her “pop music a little weird.” She definitely pushes the envelope and sticks to making her own unique sound that’s different from whatever else is popular now. She’s rejected many labels over the years as she’s grown as an artist and gained attention because she refuses to alter or compromise her artistic integrity. Her style has been described as “synth textured and bassy heavy electro-pop,” reminiscent of artists like Grimes and MIA. Fitting into the subgenre of House/Techno, but with a retro vibe, her music draws from many different genres and styles. With an extensive and diverse discography, FEMME is definitely a stellar artist with some seriously incredible work. Her sets are sure to bring the bass and give you a taste of music you’ve never heard before. Click here to check out her music on Spotify, or here for Soundcloud. You can also keep up with her on Twitter and Instagram.


Madam X \\ SoundCloud

Madam X is one of the UK’s leading underground DJs. Outside of that she’s also a label manager and club impresario, making her definitely well known around the London music scene. In recent years, she has also made her way into the U.S. scene though, playing at popular electronic music festivals like HARD Summer in California. Her music takes on a darker and more experimental side of bass-driven techno, but she’s gained a solid fan base around the world over the years. Not only does she make music, but she went from being a co-founder of a label and Manchester Clubnight in 2011, to launching her own label KAIZEN in 2014. Her label has been incredibly successful and given her significant experience in independently releasing records. With her experience in the industry, she has tremendous support, clear talent, and a unique style. Although she’s already left a mark on the London music scene, it feels like she’s only getting started. Her deep, techno sets are sure to be mesmerizing and intriguing, so you won’t want to miss the chance to check her out at SX this spring. Click here to check out Madam X on Soundcloud and also check her out on Twitter and Instagram.


Head over to the website by clicking here for more info on SXSW and click here for the full artists lineup. You won’t want to miss this innovative and inspiring festival with incredible artists from around the world. Who else are you looking forward to seeing this year? Click here to snag your discounted student tickets and spend your spring break immersed in art and culture in Austin!

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