Japan’s Greatest Rock Band Coming to Houston: One Ok Rock

Written by on March 9, 2019

One Ok Rock is officially coming to Houston on Monday, March 11th, and they will be playing at the House of Blues!

The legendary rock band is currently on tour following the release of their latest album Eye of the Storm, which came out last month. The album was made into two separate versions, an English version and a Japanese version, and features the band’s signature powerhouse vocals, stable instrumentation, and inspiring lyrics. This album in particular also features a more electronic sound which differs from what they’ve put out in the past. Check out the music video for one of the tracks off the album to get a feel for their sound.

One Ok Rock is really well known for their dynamic live performances, and we expect nothing less from them! The energy they put out is undeniable. But don’t just take my word for it, watch one of their live performances down below. This one may or may not be a personal favorite of mine. 😉

The concert will also offer the musical talents of the bands Stand Atlantic and Waterparks. Stand Atlantic will be performing pieces from their debut album Skinny Dipping. Meanwhile, Waterparks are Houston natives, so you have to make sure to go out and show them some support for pushing the Houston alternative scene. They’ll be playing tracks from their album, Entertainment.

And according to their twitter, they’ll even help you get there.

So One Ok Rock is hitting Houston (along with some guests) on Monday, March 11th, and they will be playing at the House of BluesThe tickets for this event are also incredibly affordable so it’d be a great chance to hear some good live music.

Don’t believe me? You can see for yourself and purchase tickets here! I mean there’s no better way to kick off your spring break, am I right? 

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