SALES: An Orlando Band Bringing All The Lo-Fi Vibes

Written by on March 20, 2019

SALES is an independent minimalist pop band from Orlando made up of Lauren Morgan and Jordan Shih. After releasing their first full-length album, Forever & Ever, last summer, they are treating their southern fans to a tour that will be stopping in Houston on Thursday, April 4th at White Oak Music Hall. They will be joined by Varsity, an indie band from Chicago.

Known for collaboration with artists like XXYYXX, SALES is becoming a bigger name in the world of cozy pop. Their minimalist approach to their music makes them clearly unique. While they don’t fall into my genre of comfort, their music is honestly the only thing to listen to on a sunny day. It is casual and simple, but their music still has a lot of warmth and purpose.

While SALES is still growing. they have released a lot of great music already. Between their self titled EP and LP and their full-length album, there are plenty of lo-fi vibes to spread around. While their earlier projects were a little rough around the edges, Forever & Ever is a slice of perfection with its crisp production and sweet vocals. It is pretty interesting how they manage to juxtapose emotion in the vocals with a very nonchalant setting.

The tickets for the April 4th show at White Oak Music Hall are relatively affordable and it is bound to be a great show. Be sure to check SALES out and make your way to the show to show some great indie artists your support.

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