$uicideboy$ Return to Their Hometown for the BUKU Project

Written by on March 5, 2019

Ruby da Cherry, Suicide Leopard, 7th Ward Lord, Young Plague—the list goes on. These are just a handful of alter egos created by Aristos Pertrou, one-half of the duo known as $uicideboy$. Scott Arceneaux Jr., Ruby’s first cousin and the other half of the duo, follows appropriately, with aliases $crim, $lick $loth, Budd Dwyer, and many more. Although releasing music under the moniker $uicideboy$ began in 2014, the pair’s musical journey began long before. After years of wailing out energy from one punk band to another, Ruby, at the time working for his father’s restaurant, reached a dead-end. $crim on the other hand, had begun producing music since the age of 15. With a large selection of beats under his belt, his endeavors halted; concurrently facing battles to his opioid addiction and attempting to afford expensive tech became strenuous. The two cousins combined forces at their all-time lows to create one of New Orleans’ most controversial and ominous hip-hop groups of the decade.

In an interview with Mass Appeal, $crim openly explained the morbid situation of the two. With nothing to look forward to, if by the age of 30 their success hadn’t sufficed, well the quote is pretty self explanatory.

Fortunately, after more than 20 EPs, a handful of mixtapes, and one studio album, the pair has received an absurd amount of attention. With almost 1 million followers on Soundcloud, it’s difficult to find a single track with less than 1 million listens. They have also developed a tight fan base, one that didn’t exclude the late Lil Peep. If we can get past their PG name, $uicideboy$’ reputation starts with their outlook on life, rough. Most of their tracks dive into depression, substance abuse, and satanic imagery—a big part of why the group remains controversial. Ruby, however, classifies their approach to music as therapeutic, stating “you’ll definitely feel a lot better knowing that somebody is going through the same shit.” Nevertheless, the duo remains a strong underground powerhouse and will return to their hometown on March 22-23.

Grab your tickets here and don’t miss out on your chance to see them bring NOLA down to bits!

Listen to their newest album down below!

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