An Invitation to Revisit Her’s Debut Album

Written by on April 18, 2019

Her’s was an Indie Rock band based in Liverpool, England, featuring a talented duo Stephen Fitzpatrick (Vocals/Guitar) and Audun Laading (Bass guitar/Backing vocals). Their debut album Invitation to Her’s was released under the radar in 2018, but was full of great talent and positive energy. Tragically their lives were cut short after being killed by a reckless drunk driver in Arizona on March 27, 2019. Their sound reminded me of how Pop and Rock sounded in the 70s – just full of danceable production and interesting storytelling within the lyrics. Let’s dive into their invitation to their personal life.

The album starts off withHarvey, which is a reference to a movie released in the 1950s calledHarvey.” The song talks about a man and his best friend who is an invisible rabbit only he can see. Interesting plot to say the least but they also stated that the meaning of the song is also about their own friendship in their eyes. Mannie Smile is about the singer’s relationship with his cat Mannie. This song makes you want to dance in the sun on a relaxing Saturday or that could just be me. You have to admit though, that it puts you in a cheerful mood especially for all the pet lovers out there. One of the standout tracks on the album is If You Know What’s Right.” The band wrote this song to inspire the younger generation especially the ones in their 20s to fight through the bumps in the road and keep working on your dreams and aspirations in life.

The album seems to be a memoir of their friendship, while also being a bible on how to deal with life during your 20s. In this time of your life where everything seems to be confusing or just coming at you too fast, they remind us to just Breathe Easy. This track is perfect for anyone going through stress in their life especially college students. It’s a good reminder to just breathe – something we forget to do a lot in our jam-packed schedule. Another standout is She Needs Him, which is another upbeat track with an interesting storyline. The song is about a man falling in love with a woman who is already spoken for. Something many of us can relate to, but Her’s put this song together in a way that made it seem like you were living in a cheesy romantic movie.

From production to the relatable lyrics of going through life during your young adult stage makes this one the sleepers of 2018. It’s sad that we might never get to hear any more music from the two but their music is immortal and will live on forever.

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