Rapper $NOT Set To Drop New Music Video

Written by on May 9, 2019

Featured in Billie Eilish‘s In My Room playlist on Apple music, rapper $NOT is on the rise and the music industry is taking notice.

The first track to gain traction was his song “Gosha” with 2.5 million views on YouTube, but he really acquired a fan base on SoundCloud, where he has 6.4 million plays.

His latest music video for “Excuse me” is set to catch wind under the production of Kevin Katana and executive producer Jake Markow (who also happens to be a senior at the University of Houston). The video is to be released 12pm EST on Thursday, May 9th.

Directed by Omar Jones, the video is filled with eye-popping visual effects and professionally produced content. The song has a hard hitting catchy beat and his rapping flows at a smooth pace throughout the track.

Photo by Tamara May

$NOT has been recognized as one of the best new artists on the rise from multiple music outlets, all before performing for the first time live at the Miami Rolling Loud music festival in Florida.

At the age of 21, $NOT has been able to elevate his platform in just three years and with 20 million total audio streams, there can only be more content to come. So excuse me, but $NOT is one more rapper you can add to your playlist.


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