Written by on May 6, 2019

Happy Monday! Just kidding. It’s not a happy Monday. You’re suffering. We all are. It’s the back-half finals season, and summer is so close yet so far. Worry not! Apply a strong SPF, put on your weekly #YWNM playlist of the CoogRadio staff’s favorite new releases from the week of May 3rd, and go study in the sunlight. With fresh music from Vampire Weekend, Barrie, Chron, and more, you’ve got the perfect soundtrack for stress-crying in the sunshine. You’ve got this.

The title of this sensational playlist is inspired by “YA WOO COUGAR FOOTBALL!” Stemming from a subreddit complaining about parking on Cougar Football Thursdays, University of Houston adopted “YA WOO COUGAR FOOTBALL!” Chants were made. There are shirts. It’s a thing. Just as #YWCF hyped up Coog football fans (Whose house?!), #YWNM is here to hype up and inspire music fans.

Listen down below or on our brand-spankin’-new official CoogRadio Spotify! Let us know on Twitter and Instagram what songs are your favorite or what new drops we missed.


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