GothBoiClique Doesn’t Just Click They Snap!

Written by on August 26, 2019

Howdy music fans and culture lovers. First let me preempt by saying this is my first article, and that was my first concert. That said lets delve into how it was and my thoughts.

This August 21st I took a dive into a niche genre that I was not sure what to expect. GothBoiClique can be best described as a Trap Hip Hop and Rock fusion band. The doors to their concert opened at 6 and they started rocking at 7. Before the show got started I went around and asked these early goths what they were expecting. Some had traveled from out of state looking forwards to one of the bandmates first live tour appearance. A lot of talk about getting ready to mosh and jam to their favorite tracks. The most looked forwards too was Such a Drag. Among all the fans were the two lucky winners of CoogRadio’s own ticket contest.

The Ticket WinnersThese two people were ecstatic and loved that they got an opportunity to go to this concert for free. The winners had mentioned that they had been following GothBoiClique on and off for the past few months. All in all the crowd was excited, the bar was stocked and the band was set to deliver a rocking show.

The show kicked off with some nice trap beats and a live DJ mixing of their tracks by yawns. The bass was thumping and the kick and snare was hypnotic. Yawns had a real energy and ability to mix. his energy went into the crowd and the crowd sent it back in a growing hype spiral. When Doves came out and did the vocals for some of their melodic trap songs that went a bit slower it was a welcome cooling off before kicking it back up. The Warehouse Live staff were quick to adjust to the artists requests and the show went off without a hitch. The first half of the concert was focused on the trap and hip hop parts of GothBoiClique. Hands waved foots were stomping and bodies were jumping. They were playing well and had a great stage energy, but the closing part of the show was when it kicked off.

When Horse Head came out he came with the passion and energy to get a mosh pit going. This is where the show stepped into high gear and really hit their stride. The live bass and guitars really pumped up and egged on the crowd. The band started walking on the barricade and reaching out to the crowd. The atmosphere changed and became more intense. It became a powder keg that exploded into several mosh pits that started up and died down according to the bands will and mastery of their craft. I personally left sweaty and bruised, even though I was taking pictures I couldn’t help but to get swept up in all the excitement.

The show was a great experience overall. The only issues I had were small. The change over from the first half of the show to the second half killed some of the momentum that had been building up. Also, to me it felt like there could have been a better organization of the set. I personally like to dance or move emphatically for at least three song lengths before a slower to slow song comes. The frequency of energetic to slow songs was slightly deflating. The songs themselves were nice and melodic but the start to stop to start nature of it left me in a state of ambiguous hype. Another issue, which was more to do with the server of the crowd, I saw was how from the time the doors opened till the concert ended most of the audience was shoulder to shoulder squeezing themselves as close to the stage as possible. I assumed the crowd would cater for drinks or personal space while the band to a break for changeover. However these fans were longtime and committed more than excited enough to make sure they stayed as close to the stage as possible and to be as close to the band as possible.

My final thoughts on the concert was that it was a fairly good concert. The band wasn’t exactly my type of music but still made me have a good time. The other attendees were friendly and excited. The atmosphere in the venue was solid. The staff and facilities were impeccable. Also, did I mention the bar was fully stocked? So, if you like emojis aesthetic and themes, rap rock trap or hiphop and they are playing near you make sure to check this Clique out and see if its one you would want to join.

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