IGOR Is Coming to Houston!

Written by on August 15, 2019

Tyler The Creator has been on a hot streak this year so far after dropping his follow up to Flower BoyIGOR, which happened to land Tyler his first #1 album — which is crazy to think after all the amazing albums he has under his belt like Wolf and Cherry Bomb. Nonetheless, he arguably dropped one of the best albums this year and seems to be getting more respect within the industry. His progression as an artist has been entertaining to watch, as he seems to evolve his sound on every album.


IGOR is a highly creative album and a tell tell sign to the industry that originality is still profitable and appreciated by fans. You can’t really apple a genre to this album, as it’s like a wave of different genres like R&B, Alternative, Rap, and Pop with a hint of House. It was an experience just listening to the album at home, so one can only imagine how insane the live show will be.

Tyler will be hitting the road with Goldlink, as well as with Jaden on the first half of the tour and Blood Orange on the second. Tyler is one of those artists who seems to never disappoint when it comes to live performances, so expect an energetic and entertaining concert. IGOR will be closing out his tour in our very own Houston, Texas, on October 26th at the NRG Arena. You will definitely want to show up, as he may pull out some surprises on the last show.


Random fact: Tyler recently had his ban lifted from the UK and now has 3 shows back to back at the O2, if that gives you any idea.

So, before you go buy your tickets to the show remember to refresh memory on who IGOR is by streaming here:

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