Festival Announcement: ASTROWORLD FEST 2019

Written by on September 27, 2019

Jacques Berman Webster II, rapper formerly known as Travis Scott, is one of the better rappers of our generation to originate from none other than Missouri City, Texas. Creator of the festival known as ASTROWORLD, Travis Scott has managed to obtain the hearts and souls of many across the country with this remarkable work of art.

Considering Travis Scott was just another person from a “small city with big dreams,” he brings inspiration and hope for many because he is now one of the biggest rappers of the decade. Despite his low audience count throughout the years as he performed in small settings, Travis Scott has now created one of the biggest festivals known to Hip-Hop.  ASTROWORLD Fest brings excitement, freedom, and allows people to become alive consisting of a new lineup every year.

ASTROWORLD was created by Travis Scott for several reasons. It was initially inspired by the now shut down amusement park that many Houstonians came to love and later changed into a grass lot for the Houston Rodeo. Travis Scott, wanted to bring the initial joy ride of that was Astroworld, the amusement park, to the festival scene as a form of commemorating it. By rejoicing in his childhood memories and establishing at ASTROWORLD, the festival, he wanted to provide the same sense of freedom and excitement in his own way and created the outrageous, infamous festival featuring a new lineup (that has yet to be released) for the 2019 year.

The ASTROWORLD 2018 lineup consisted of artists such as Travis Scott, Post Malone, Rae Sremmurd, Lil Wayne, Young Thug, along with producer Metro Boomin, and fashion icon Virgil Abloh. All of these individuals were essential to the establishment of ASTROWORLD itself by making it into the inclusive festival it is as it by welcoming people of all ages, who identify as whatever they please, and who simply rejoice in the masterpieces brought to the great city of Houston, Texas.

ASTROWORLD features artists who have saved many people. Whether it be physically, emotionally, mentally, or financially, people find comfort and acceptance while their problems fade away as they witness their favorite artists in the flesh. The giant signs, flashy merch, the vibe, and the iconic Travis Scott head present a warm welcome to all. ASTROWORLD 2019 will bring a new energy people have never felt before leaving them with adrenaline, new friends, and memories they will cherish. Here’s to a new lineup, a new experience, and another year of ASTROWORLD. Get your tickets here!


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