Danny Brown is Back and Better Than Ever

Written by on September 28, 2019

Who can forget the old Danny Brown? Between his crooked teeth, permed afro, and that iconic laugh, Danny Brown was absolutely unique. His music was captivating and inventive. Although he has since cut his hair and fixed his teeth, Danny Brown is still the “old” Danny.


Brown currently has a Viceland show called “Danny’s House” where he invites guests into his basement and they discuss everything from aliens to UFC fighting. The show definitely has Danny’s goof factor, but it is also pretty interesting. His guests range anywhere from Schoolboy Q to Luenell.

Until recently, Danny Brown didn’t put out any music since his 2016 album, Atrocity Exhibition.But he has been promoting a soon to be released album produced by Q-Tip. The album is called uknowwhatimsayin¿ and is scheduled to be released on October 4th.

He has released two singles off the album so far called “Dirty Laundry” and “Best Life.” If the singles are indeed representative of the album, it is bound to be a really great album. The singles definitely have a bit more maturity than Danny Brown’s older music, but they still feel extremely true to who he is.


Danny Brown also has a tour scheduled starting in October. He will be playing Houston at The Studio at Warehouse Live on October 17th, 2019. The tickets are pretty inexpensive and it is sure to be a great show. Don’t miss out!

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