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Written by on October 3, 2019

In my opinion, there is no such thing as an old classic. There are simply classics that have faded in time, but if they were re-examined, would be considered as amazing and exotic as they first were. Particularly, this philosophy can be used in regards to party tracks or ‘turn-up’ music.

The extent to which we acknowledge a hit song like “Juju on the beat” is a little different from the club hits of yesteryear. It’s sort of funny how many of us as college students see a few years back as “the old days” of a certain genre, then get taken aback by the things we find when looking back. That is the goal of today’s article. This week, we will revisit some of 2006’s most iconic, classic turn-up songs in an effort to get an ‘old skool’ turnt from the music we used to love and live by.


Lean Wit It, Rock Wit It

Now, to start off this list is a classic that hit the club scene like a bulldozer to a rocking chair. Dem’ Franchize Boyz really had something going for them when they made this cut. It was the epitome of the party from that day, and still gets played in clubs around Houston as a legitimate throwback track. The time-value of this track will never cease to grow, and I believe that- if played a little more often- this track could spread like wildfire once again.


Snap Yo Fingers

Back in the old days, if someone hadn’t heard of this song, they would be shunned by society until they were able to appreciate a good time. Perhaps it was the sheer catchiness of this song is what made it so legendary. Or perhaps it was the fact that Lil’ Jon, the King of Krunk himself, carried the hook. Either way, this hit still plays in the minds of anyone who was around for its initial release.


Walk it Out

There was absolutely no way I could create a list of 2006 throwbacks without putting this one on it. Unk was a madman on the track and created one of the most inspiring dance songs that any club has seen to date! The West side still walks it out, the South side still walk it out, the East side and the North side still do the same. Where did this hit go? I demand this song be put in history classes around the country in order to teach generation upon generation what it was like to live in the good ole’ days of club music.


Chain Hang Low

Imagine being in first grade going to school with your friends when all of a sudden the bus starts to bounce up and down as kids from age 6 to age 12 start to rock to one of the dopest tracks their young ears had ever been exposed to. This is the experience of anyone blessed enough to be riding a school bus with a working radio back in the day. Though the song disappeared earlier than many of the ones on this list, there is no denying the impact it had on an entire generation of future party-goers.


Make It Rain

Is there anything that really needs to be said about this track? The hype that this track wrought is rivaled only by the happiness that it wrought as well. It was the pinnacle of music and is still being played today. It’s no wonder Fat Joe’s fan base is so satisfied: The man has been a hit-maker since forever, and adding Weezy to the track can’t do anything but good.

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