ACL Day 2: Billie Eilish

Written by on October 8, 2019

The hype was real for Billie Eilish, as a massive crowd accumulated at the Honda stage long before her performance time in anticipation of being front row for her set. Her album when we all fall asleep, where do we go? broke records and did massively well this year, as she became a household name and international star in an incredibly short period of time.

For her age, her ability to be effortlessly herself and comfortable on stage in front of huge crowds are rather impressive, not to mention her amazing songwriting skills. Blended with her electric style and bravery to step out of what’s acceptable in mainstream music, Billie Eilish breaks all types of rules and expectations.

Gatherings fans young and old, Eilish is clearly doing something special with her music right now. She played a great set, didn’t miss a beat, and her band (including her brother and producer on the guitar) crushed it as well. The fans sang along with every word, but Eilish’s soft and melodic voice elevated above all the noise.

Laying down on the stage at one point, and then later walking in front of the rail to greet fans and take photos, she really delivered a seasoned rock star set that I felt lucky to witness in person. Eilish is on top of the world right now and rightfully has taken the claim of her throne.

Don’t miss your chance to grab tickets and see her perform again at weekend 2!

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