Gus and The Band Rocked Out Warehouse Live!

Written by on October 29, 2019

Gus Dapperton brought his band and Spencer to Warehouse Live and performed their hearts out for an energetic crowd. Houston can be a tough audience to please, but I would have to say the crowd in the building that night was very appreciative of the artist’s music and effort. Spencer and the band made some new fans, many having walked in not knowing who he was. But by the end of his set, they were certainly familliar.

Spencer has this soulful yet youthful sound to his music, complimented with a groovy band behind him. Spencer interacted with the fans, making them feel like they were watching a beautiful jam session. With all the amazing guitar solos and emotion in the songs, it was a gift to be in attendance. Throughout the set, you fall in love with the sound of the guitar and appreciate the use of a live band. Spencer played some of his hit songs like “Heat of Summer,” “Want U Back,” and “Open Wide.” Spencer and his band have a very promising future ahead of them. They’re a fresh band that just released their first song last year, and have plenty of room to expand their brand.

When Gus hit the stage playing “Verdigris,” the crowd erupted, jumping up and down singing along with the band. You couldn’t help but feel immersed in the music as you could saw the band having fun, enjoying themselves and meaning every note they played. Gus played some fan favorites like “Of Lacking Spectacle,” “I Have Lost My Pearls,” and “Beyond Amends.” But nothing compared to the energy the whole venue had for the final three tracks.

This amazing photo was taken by Britt Seaman

When Gus Dapperton played “I’m Just Snacking,” “My Favorite Fish,” and (my personal favorite) “Fill Me Up Anthem,” it was like every single person in the venue knew the songs word for word. Gus’s energy alone was enough for you to stop posting the wall and join the crowd. Gus was feeling it that night as he was running all over the stage and jumping in the crowd. He kept the audience’s attention throughout the whole show, and is definitely an artist you need to check out live to fully grasp the feelings he put into each track.

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