Moonchild: The Band With an Indelible Night Vibe

Written by on October 22, 2019

Houston, I hope you are prepared to indulge yourself, because Moonchild is coming to H-town for a concert at Warehouse Live on the 27th of October in support of their newest album, Little Ghost.


If you’ve never heard of Moonchild before, allow me to introduce you to one of the most refreshing faces in the Neo-soul genre. Moonchild is a 3-person band that has been in the background of R&B, Nu Jazz, and Neo-Soul since their debut in 2012 with Be Free.


Although the group’s an underground name, they have become well-known for the vibrant ambiance of nearly every track in their discography. In particular, their 2017 album Voyager livened their career and cemented Moonchild as a force to be reckoned with in R&B and Nu Jazz genres.


As mentioned earlier, Moonchild will be having a concert at Warehouse Live on October 27. The concert will be for their latest album, Little Ghost and I can guarantee hit songs “The Other Side” and “Sweet Love” will be played with a level of soul that no one could have figured was humanly possible. However, my biggest hope is that they revisit the Voyager days and bless the audience with a nod to their older songs by playing either “The List” or “Change Your Mind” so that I can die a happy man.


For ticket information, be sure to visit and be sure to come ready to be revitalized by the rhythmic ritual created by these musicians.

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