Deadmau5: Cube v3 Tour

Written by on November 20, 2019

Over the last two nights, Deadmau5 brought the sights and sounds of his Cube v3 tour to Houston’s Revention Music Center. Sporting his trademark mouse helmet, Deadmau5 played a two-hour set to a sold-out house, with the music going all the way to midnight.

The show kicked off at 7:45 with monstergetdown, a Los Angeles based DJ who got the already-packed house ready for the night ahead. Despite being relegated to the side of the stage due to the sheer size of Deadmau5’ setup, monstergetdown played a full hour opening set as the venue filled to the brim with concert-goers.

After monstergetdown’s set, Lights took the stage for the second performance of the night. Lights too was stuck playing the left-most side of the stage, but didn’t seem to care as she rocked the house with a 40-minute set full of bright lights and screens. Compared to monstergetdown’s more subdued set, Lights spent her time on stage interacting with the crowd and bathing the venue in multicolored light.

Once Lights’ set ended there was a bit of an intermission as the stage was set for Deadmau5’ headlining act. Around 9:45, the house lights went out and the stage lit up with Deadmau5’ massive rotating cube structure. The house was filled to the brim with fans, all dancing and moving with the music. The cube itself was extremely impressive, made up entirely of screens and rotating around the DJ as he played. Up above, the rafters were full of lights and even more LED panels with an ever changing array of graphics and imagery.

The merch booths were almost empty by the time the show ended, and fans went home knowing they had just experienced a show to remember.

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