November gets Gangsta with Freddie Gibbs at Warehouse Live

Written by on November 1, 2019

Formerly Known as Fredrick Jamel Tipton, MC Freddie Gibbs has become one of the faces of modern gangsta rap. His thought-provoking lyrics and vivid storytelling takes audiences through Gibb’s life as a gangster and his hustle to get to where he is as an artist. Gibbs’s discography holds not only high-quality hip hop skills but also his upbringing as a Gary, Indiana native.

Gibbs started his career as an adult. After being around his friends’ studio for a long time, he realized he had a talent for rhyming and making music. In 2004  he released a series of mixtapes reminiscing on his life in the streets of Gary, speaking on the harshness of the streets. This became a common theme throughout his discography. Even on Bandana, his past takes the forefront of the album, his gangsta roots are his character and he has never shied away from it and it has paid off so far.

Photograph by Emma McIntyre

When talking about Freddie Gibbs, its hard not to mention the legendary west-coast producer Madlib and the success their collaborations have had. “Bandana” and “Piñata” both charted on the billboard hot 100, peaking at #21 and #39, respectivly. These are remarkable numbers as the albums were released 5 years apart, showing the loyalty and growth of Gibbs’s and Madlib’s fanbases as well as the continued quality of their joint work. Gibbs’s roots and inspirations are very clear when listening to his music, holding traces of artists such as 2Pac, Biggie, and other 90s gangsters. Some would refer to Gibbs as a true MC, which is relatively rare nowadays where the pop and trap scenes seem to have taken over the charts.

Gibbs has set out on his tour The Album of The Year ready to bring his grimy and provocative style to multiple cities in the United States. Gangsta Gibbs, as some like to call him, will make a stop in Houston at The Studio at Warehouse Live on November 29th, ready to deliver the grimy, gritty, neck-snapping vibe and style he’s known for. 

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