Molly Burch, The Perfect Cure For The Monday Blues

Written by on March 5, 2020


It was a great night at the White Oak Music Hall this Monday (03.02.2020). Molly Burch and her accompanying musician, Michael Toliver (piano) and Thom Washburn (drums), was wonderful. They were washed over by applauds of fanfare as they walked on stage with Molly receiving a compliment on her outfit after she introduced herself. If I recall correctly, she started the set with “First Flower” and with those lyrics of a love that is sure she washed the audience with her “yogurtey” vocals. Smooth but with a thickness of character.

Just like the first flower that blooms in spring,

to me you are, you are my everything

As Molly and the band goes deeper into the set list, the more enchanted the every audience member became and it was apparent on their faces with gleaming eyes. There was a particular man up front that stood out, he had his arms rested on the rail and head rested on his propped up hands, he was tuned in. I think that enough speaks volume of the show and the performance of Molly, Michael, and Thom. Their music connected greatly with the audience, everyone was in tune to the mood that was set by the music. Their level of connectivity continued on to the merch table where fans gathered to purchase shirts, hats, and vinyls. Molly’s friendliness was welcoming to the fans, especially those who weren’t shy of asking for photos.


That Monday night was reflective of her song, Your Party, “I want to go to your party/ I want to have a good time.” That was the perfect cure for all of our Monday blues. I suppose the night is over. The audience went on home and Molly will be heading for Salt Lake City, Ut to perform at the Metro Music Hall (03.26.2020).


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