The King of UK Bass in America: AC Slater

Written by on March 15, 2020

The House musician, AC Slater will be making his way to Houston on the 27th of March at Stereo Live!

Emerging from the depths of the underground AC Slater has shifted the dance scene into new heights. Starting out in 2000 releasing happy hardcore and hard trance records on his label Pitched Up records.


In 2006, Trouble and Bass was born, a New York City-based record label that would shift the bass world forever. They were the rule benders of dance music, the first to embraced the many forms of heavy-bass and made it a way of life by throwing mad parties that would be heard of all around the globe.


It was a blog house that became the breath of fresh air everyone needed, it was built up of a plethora of different genres conquered by bass. Trouble and Bass took over the streets of New York City in the time that America was in the process of rediscovering Electronic Dance Music.


The Trouble & Bass crew celebrating their 6 year anniversary with a massive event at SRB in Brooklyn.

Photo by Marjana Jaidi on October 01, 2012 via Cultivora

It wasn’t until his switch up in 2008 that his signature sound took over the dance scene. At the time, to others his music was considered “fidget house”, for him it was an energetic club tempo infused with his own style of dubstep, the heavy bass of UK garage and influences of 90’s rave music.


Shortly after finding his signature style, he dropped his remix to Math Heads “Turn the Music Up”, turning the heads of major dj’s like Skrillex, Diplo, and Moby, even going as far as to name his track as one of the best 10 tracks of the decade. Along his journey into the sound of bass, he dropped his EP, Jack Got Jacked on Palms Out Sounds, which was his declaration of the invasion of house music by all things bass.


Later in 2009, he dropped his first two records “Party Like Us” and “BanGer” for the launch of his new label, Party Like Us Records. Even after finding his signature sound, as a way of showcasing his versatility for music, he released two heavy dubstep tracks, “Rock It Out” and “Calm Down”.



Fast forward to 2014, the precursor to the biggest underground movement in the rave scene. Tired of the simplistic sound in the LA music scene, he decided to take it up a notch and show them how it should really be done. He took the gamble and started booking monthly parties, under the name Nightbass, a sound nightclub in LA where he would invite UK artist to perform their music.


Even though most of the people didn’t know who these artists were, that wouldn’t stop everyone from going off till the lights turned on. Brooklyn born Aaron Clevenger, had no idea that his parties would be such a hit leading him into a space of untouched territory. His parties were such a hit that he was able to expand Night Bass and created a record label that became a global brand known all over the world.



Night bass is the home of like-minded producers, the pioneers of bass-heavy dance music. After building his brand, in 2017, he dropped his critically acclaimed album Outsiders, which featured Chris Lorenzo, Shift K3y, BassBoy, Kaleena Zanders and many more. He gained recognition after his tour and international promotion, breaking him into the Global Top 10 itunes electronic charts.


In 2018, he released a three-track ep, Undefeated Champions, featuring Wax Motif, Chris Lorenzo, and Redlight. All three tracks are bangers but my personal favorite is “Giant Mouse” featuring Chris Lorenzo. It gives you the feeling of hearing your favorite song in the club that you HAVE to get down too, its the track that gets the party started.


Exactly two years later, he dropped Hi8, a nostalgic feel-good energy-filled album that contains the world of AC Slater. The DJ used VHS tapes of him recording and skating around the city with his homies as his cover. The album is something you don’t want to miss out on.


Whether its realizing your worth and letting go of the love you once had on “Final Fantasy”, getting grimey to “Laid off”, the uncontrollable feeling of falling for someone even if its for a moment on “Feeling Awake”, or getting your licks in on someone who deserved it and moving forward without fumbling the bag on “Bad Behavior”.


You are bound to find a track that fuels your fire. Before the success of Night Bass, AC Slater felt like the doors got smaller on him because there wasn’t a place for his sound. Looking at it now, as a fan myself, he was exactly where he needed to be, it was The Night Bass Thing, that shifted the dance scene into a new age.


Get “Ready To Pop Off” cause AC Slater will be partying with us on Friday, March 27, 2020 at Stereo Live!

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