Coog Radio Curated Collection: “Top Summer 2020 Picks” Playlist

Written by on August 17, 2020

Welcome to another edition of Coog Radio Curated Collection. Despite being in quarantine many artists have released exceptional tracks and here are some of our favorites from us here at Coog Radio.


Justin Phan – Contributor



With COVID canceling a lot of plans for many, the one song that has helped me feel like I transported out of my home was “ECHO” by KATIE. This song is very immersive and captivating from the first listen, the introduction of the signals reminds me of UFO’s and outer space. It is a super complex and thorough song that marries new wave pop with classic puppy love lyrics. KATIE is an up and coming Asian artist that should be on everyone’s radar, with each song and video we are transported to KATIE‘s world. This song is both hard-hitting with beat and instrumentals while providing soft and innocent vocals.
Joshua Vergara – Contributor

Chic Mystic – “Joey”


Made by an Israeli group Chic Mystic, they are able to capture the ears and resonate a feeling akin to Pink Floyd, James Bond, blues, and 80s style rock with this track. The bombastically extravagant instrumentals paired with the lyrics and vocals are heart-wrenching as the song progresses onward. My personal favorite part is the absolutely groovy saxophone solo that caught me by surprise as it contrasts with the more dooming feeling of the rest of the song, and once you get settled into this new change, it leaves and returns to the alluring riff at the end, making you want more. 


Carry On, Cupid – “If I Should Die Tonight” 


The catchy acoustic guitar riff and soothing lyrics can put anyone to ease on any day. Makes any long nighttime drive so peaceful and dreamy, and definitely shows some of the best of what Houston has put out in recent months in their debut EP. 


Sad Allen – “Swell”


Made by one of our Coogs Allen, this easygoing single is nothing short of great. Reminds me of sitting down on a chair watching the sunset before your eyes thinking about the world in a retrospective manner. 


Chicano Batman – “Pink Elephant” 


The experimentally robotic style and theme of this song coincides perfectly with the catchy choruses and verses that Chicano Batman is so well known for, making it such a fresh song to expose oneself to. The bridge is so enthrallingly hypnotic in contrast to the rest of the song, in all of the good ways. 


Leslie Campos – Web Director


Bree Runway, Maliibu Miitch – “Gucci”


With an infectious sample and a beat that you instinctively start bumping to, we are inserted into Bree Runway‘s “Gucci”. We’re thrown in and start to feel the hype building through the rising of steady and thin background chords. As the song continues then we get a taste of Bree‘s velvety low voice and commanding presence. Her looks offer high fashion and couture but she still gives relatability with lines like, ‘last night I was shaking my a** in the Marriot’, letting us know that she’s not too far removed to have a good time like the rest of us. Then mid-song we’re blessed with Maliibu Miitch‘s husky rap. This song was my first introduction to both the English songstress and South Bronx rapper. If I’m being honest, I was mad at myself for not listening to either artist earlier, hopefully, this song can put you on to them if you were late too!


Flo Milli – “Like That B*tch”


This song, as with Flo Milli in general, is pure overwhelming confidence. This isn’t the first time I mentioned Flo Milli and with the way her career is skyrocketing, I know it won’t be last either. Doesn’t matter what beat she’s on, Flo Milli will always have that same playful and LOUD energy that forces you to take notice. This song is the epitome of feeling yourself. She and I and everyone else literally walk around ‘Like That B*tch!’. She inspires in many a profound level of self-assurance, and often times does so at the expense of others that try and bring her down. One more thing I love about the Alabama native is her signature voice, you know when Flo Milli is on a track. I can’t get enough of her rollercoaster flow. Her mixtape, Ho, why is you here?, is easily one of the best drops of the summer.

Kali Uchis, Rico Nasty – “Aquí Yo Mando”


I don’t know who I was before I heard Rico Nasty rapping in Spanish, but I know for sure I’m a better person now. Spanglish songs hold a special place in my heart and this Kali Uchis and Rico Nasty collaboration definitely wasn’t something that I was expecting. However, it’s a treat so I’m thankful. Instantly I wanted to categorize the song under Latin trap with other stars like Bad Bunny, and J Balvin but the track is slower with less extra beats making it closer to original trap. But the style of the vocals is reminiscent of the iconic mid-2000’s reggaeton. The subject matter of ‘I run everything here’ gives me major Ivy QueenYo Quiero Bailar” vibes, where strong women hold the power. Definitely a powerful undertone for this entire era of music I think.

Mulatto ft. Gucci Mane – “Muwop”


Yes, it’s yet another talented Black female rapper. This time, I’m bringing up the ‘Real a**, rich a**, b*tch from the souf’ Atlanta native Mulatto. She was recently selected for this year XXL’s 2020 Freshman Class Lineup so it’s clear to see that she’s being recognized for her talent and on the come up. We love to see it! This track comes in the anticipation of Mulatto’s next project Queen Of Da Souf that is dropping on the 21st of August. If we could go outside and enjoy ourselves amongst others at parties and clubs then this would have been the perfect soundtrack for that. Until then we’re gonna have to dance along to Big Latto‘s catchy chorus in the comfort of our own homes. Sigh.



CJ Moorer – Station Director


Aminé – “Riri”


This song is kind of something that I’d expect from Aminé: absolute heat and a gorgeous cruising vibe! The smoothness of it kind of hits home for me, after all, I adore chill music. The fact that this song makes me want to get up and dance as well as hit up my homies and vibe is what makes this song unforgettable to me.


J. Cole – “Snow On Tha Bluff”


Let me be clear: I love noname and I love Cole. They are both talented artists who deserve their admiration. I truly think the whole situation with them blew up out of proportion and was a ridiculous argument at best. But still, I rock with the song because, like usual, Cole pours out his mind in one of the most humble of ways. You have no choice but to respect the man, even if it is begrudgingly. He’s heat in its purest form.


Lil Baby – “The Bigger Picture”


In a country where racial unrest continues to surge and sleep in a constant pattern, it’s refreshing to know that there are people amongst the hip-hop genre who are willing to take a message to the booth and put it out for the world to hear. This song actually had me listening to the lyrics and actually feeling the urgency of the need for this country to change in certain ways. “It’s bigger than black and white; it’s a problem with the whole way of life.” Lyrics that will live on even after this generation of rap is long gone.


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