The Rise of GGDM (Go Get Da Money)

Written by on January 29, 2021

Have we got a few more Texan superstar on our hands?


Based in the Fifth Ward of Houston, Texas, GoGetDaMoney is making its rounds throughout the local scene. Lead by the two biggest artists on the label (figuratively and literally) HustleBoyDaDa and Big Emmitt, GGDM is bringing back that prime Houston sound with a new young flavor to it. On one end, you got HustleBoyDaDa giving the spill on how slick he is with the many facets of being from the Fifth Ward and making sure he looks good while telling you. You can hear this on his 1st mixtape, “Hustle Musik”.

Hustleboy DaDa’s 1st Mixtape, “HUSTLE MUSIK”.


On the other end is a much more blunt approach that Big Emmitt takes. His raps are of someone who has a merciless perspective on his environment and he’s only going to tell you the reality about what’s happening in his life. This was showcased on his most recent project titled, “Hardheaded”.

BIG EMMITT’S “project, “HARDHEADED” is out now!


Another artist that I’m looking forward to listening to more music from is, Hoodbaby Savage. The young talent is a double threat; he raps and sings. You can hear his skills as a young artist as his flows and melodies rides the beat and garners the feelings of a young man trying to figure out his way through the big city of Houston. His style is very reminiscent of Youngboy Never Broke Again, but hopefully as he gets older, he develops into something that is more distinguished, as we hope of all young artists in this day in age. The roster of artists is small but talented and is still growing to this day.

Hoodbaby Savage’s “From The Heart” is out now!


The label itself is small, but don’t be surprised when you start hearing about it in the near future, especially with the growth of HustleBoyDaDa’s following, who amassed over 10k followers on Instagram. The label has so much potential to do some big things in the future and I hope they don’t lose sight of that.

Being from Houston and knowing HustleBoyDaDa and some of those that are linked to the label, I hope and pray to see this collective become a force to be reckoned with, so the entire world can see what “Young Houston” is all about.


To get a good feel for their music, listen to Hoodbaby Savage’s “Mistook for Love”

As well as the hit “WYA” by HustleboyDada and Big Emmitt.

Make sure to support the GGDM Movement by streaming their music and buying some fashionable merch, here!

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