Summer Salt Visits Houston this September!

Written by on July 30, 2021

After two canceled tours, an album release, and a year of anticipation, indie band Summer Salt has announced their tour dates for this late summer and fall.

Drummer Eugene Chung (left) and singer/guitarist Matthew Terry (right)

This musical duo originates from Austin, TX. Summer Salt’s classic, 60s-inspired instrumentals along with their soothing, lilting vocals result in a new sound, best described as a sort of breezy indie-pop. Their new album, Sequoia Moon, combines some new percussive elements with their signature 1960’s-, jazz-, and bossa nova-inspired style.

Despite the somewhat contradictory elements of jazz and pop-rock, Summer Salt unites them seamlessly, especially in the album’s third single, “Hocus Pocus” and track 5, “Lewa Lani”. Summer Salt’s ethereal tracks feel reminiscent of falling asleep on a hammock on a sunny day–a feeling many of us could use more of in this rainy Houston weather.

Sequoia Moon album cover

Since their first EP in 2014, Summer Salt has been releasing new, consistently solid music. Their style has expanded, but they’ve maintained a consistent sound–a huge feat for any artist to accomplish. While sticking to their swaying, warm tones, Summer Salt has successfully immersed their music in the modern, chill indie-pop genre.

Ultimately, Summer Salt’s charm is in their sweetness. Despite any added percussion or added tension in their songs, this 60’s-inspired duo maintains a delicacy in their music that’s hard to replicate. Songs like “Speaking Sonar” and “Sweet to Me” have an intangible charm about them which makes it tempting to just leave them on repeat.

Summer Salt in concert — courtesy of Smear Magazine (2016)

Summer Salt’s performance in Houston, TX, on September 8th will actually be the first stop on their tour–so it’s no doubt going to be a great performance. Or, if you want to see them live in their hometown, they’ll be performing in Austin, TX on September 9th!

Get your tickets now and check out this amazing band!

Summer Salt’s official tour poster

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