He Can’t Stop Running: Zach Person Returns to Houston

Written by on August 22, 2021

The dog-days of summer are upon us here in Houston.

The night arrives sooner and the breeze feels cooler. It’s Friday the 13th, yet Downtown has a calm demeanor about it. The iconic neon blue sign of House of Blues shines brightly in the setting summer sky and onto the surrounding street. Tonight, I’m seeing a young man named Zach Person, and it’s a show I’ve been anticipating all summer long.

Upon entering the dim-lit ballroom of House of Blues’ Foundation Room, the warm and natural buzzing of idle tube amps encapsulates the walls of the famed Downtown venue, where we instantly feel the vibe of why it was given its namesake. More so, this artist covers all the bases of what this venue is truly about… An artist with soul, grit, originality, and an apparent eye for something huge on the horizon.

Over the past 5 years, Zach has absolutely grown as a musician… Not in the sense of his electrifying guitar playing or soulful songwriting, but in his astonishing work-ethic as a musician. Much like his newly released self-titled debut LP, he has turned all the dials to 10, and his presence within the Texas music scene and beyond can be felt from miles away. From playing residencies all across Texas to being inducted to the Recording Academy Class of ‘21, Zach rounds out his most important summer yet with this performance at Houston’s House of Blues.

You only need two to tango… Zach and Jake in action. House of Blues Houston 8/13/21.

Ultimately, this show is a homecoming of many sorts… Zach, who is currently based in Austin, started his musical journey in Houston at age 15, with a monthly residency at HOB. After a few years of playing shows around town and a brief appearance on American Idol in 2016, he decided to relocate to the Live Music Capital of the World. Since then, Zach has blossomed as a hardworking rocker, signing with Austin-based label BlackDenim Records and establishing a devoted fan-base.

Following a brief delay due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Zach released his debut LP, Zach Person, in April of 2021. The album showcases the maturity of Zach’s musicianship, while also serving as a milestone for his journey thus far. Honestly, it’s a breath of fresh air for rock music.

Sprinkled with influences from a wide-array of musical greats, such as Elvis Presley, The Black Keys, and plenty more; this is an album that solidifies Zach’s position as one of the hottest up and coming musicians. Containing tracks that will make you wanna shift into top gear while driving into the West Texas sunset (Can’t Stop Running, Wanna Fly) to tracks that pair best with an ice-cold Shiner whilst chilling out on a hot summer day (Send Me Away, Radio Man); it’s truly a remarkable album for the musician.

Classically beautiful. Zach’s Cherry Red SG. House of Blues Houston 8/13/21.

Upon entering the stage last Friday, Zach’s cool-natured confidence was on full display.

The experiences he has collected since first playing the venue surely showed in his performance to the packed Houston crowd. Donning a beautiful Cherry Red Gibson SG, Zach performed his originals while effortlessly adding his own flair; something to cherish with live musicians!

It should go without saying that another incredibly important element of Zach’s sound is the man behind the kit: Mr. Jake Wyble. At first listen, you wouldn’t think this band was a two piece group. However, Jake and Zach’s chemistry works magically and sounds immaculate. Finding each other through a ‘Drummer Wanted’ post by Zach years ago, they’ve been traveling through this musical journey together since the get-go.

Jake Wyble holding it down. House of Blues HTX August '21.

Jake Wyble holding it down. House of Blues Houston 8/13/21.

Long story short, the show was absolutely kick ass. Zach’s music is incredibly kick ass. The whole setup is just kick ass! These are the kinds of artists that you can tell are moving in the right direction, wherever that may be. Zach’s music provides a look into his rockin’ creativity, his experiences as a hard-working musician, and his crystal clear passion to make his mark in our world of music. If you find yourself in need of some good vibes, make sure to go spin his new record and kick back. This ride is just getting started!


Zach’s debut LP, Zach Person, is available NOW on all music streaming platforms.

For more information about Zach’s upcoming European Tour and ACL appearance, visit www.ZachPerson.com

Check out the music video for “Can’t Stop Running”:

*All photos were taken by Brandon Smith*

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