Freaky Deaky: Keep your eye out for Blossom

Written by on October 1, 2021

Up and coming DJ Blossom is taking over the stage at Freaky Deaky this year and you don’t want to miss out. The Arizona based DJ is known for mixing house music with a unique spin of UK house and bass. She first started her musical journey at the age of two when she learned how to play the violin and viola. It wasn’t until high school that she switched up her 12-year classical journey and gave into her curiosity for electronic music. After teaching herself how to mix and produce on Garage Band and Logic X, her passion for EDM lead her to attending DubSpot in LA 2015 where she could build her craft and find her own sound.

It wasn’t until she went to production school that she had the opportunity to cross paths with Petey Clicks, who was her production teacher at the time–though he’s now known for his work on Night Bass. Around that same time, she got introduced to the Night Bass Record label through a recommendation from a friend. Her introduction to Night Bass and love for UK house and bassline was the start of it all.

She took the risk and was booked to open up for AC Slater in Phoenix on December 2015. It was the year that she began planting seeds, leading her to drop a bootleg of Goldlinks “Spectrum” on December 16, 2016. It was the first of many and the snowball effect to her career. That same year her remix for MORTEN “Love” dropped on Dim Mak Records. Alongside those amazing tracks, she released a bass house bootleg of Rusko’s “Skanker”.  After her releases, she was later featured on Ghastly’s Diplo and Friends mix. This set the stage for her career where she later was named one of The 10 Best Female DJ’s in Phoenix.

After opening up for Nightbass in 2015, everything came full circle giving her the opportunity to drop her first three track single, Big Shot, in 2019. The single features Outlaw The Artist on “Anime”, and TT The Artist on “Big Shot” which was actually featured on the TV show High Fidelity. Fast forward to 2020: she dropped an EP with Shdws called Mind Games with hit track “Lotta Money”, followed by “Mental”, “Modulate”, and “Pull Up”. While making her mark in the industry, she has also gotten the chance to go back to back with major DJ’s like Slushii, AC Slater, Kill The Noise, Tigerlily, Deorro, and Steve Aoki.

Photo from DJ Blossom’s Twitter account

The Phoenix based Dj has also preformed nationwide at festivals like Decadence, Phoenix Lights, Lights All Night, Lollapalooza, and many more.

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Photo from DJ Blossom’s Facebook account

Blossom’s spin on house music brings bold and high energy to every stage she enters. Her work ethic and knack for dance music is out of this world and guaranteed to get your body moving.

Lucky for us she will be preforming at Freaky Deaky, hosted at Houston Raceway on October 29-30, 2021.

Want to keep up to date with Blossom? Follow her on Instagram, Twitter, Twitch and Facebook.

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