TikTok Music: Opinion/Mini Playlist

Written by on October 25, 2021

If you’ve been on social media for the past couple years, then you know how pervasive TikTok has become on the Internet, consequentially spilling into aspects of real life and society. It has become the “it” social platform of choice for purposes including personal entertainment of course, but also business.

Businesses across a wide variety of industries are focusing on marketing themselves and grabbing the attention of people (usually the youth) through the endless, contagious stream of TikTok, along with its trends and mysterious algorithm. However, it’s not just big corporate entities that have been capitalizing off of this platform, or even intentionally. In terms of music, TikTok has helped propel some smaller music artists into the public eye. 

Musicians from L to R: Joji, ZaeHD, Supa Dupa Humble, CEO, Lil Nas X, Ava Max

Courtesy of Time

For so long I prided myself on my “unique” music taste, for “not being like the others”. I used to dislike others only knowing songs or artists I treasured from TikTok trends until I myself discovered new music on TikTok. When something I liked became popular, I took it personally. I realized that it’s silly to think in such a negative way about something so trivial. 

There’s so much more to a person than what they like, or how underground their taste is. You’re not less unique, or less special if you like something that’s popular. What you enjoy doesn’t become less enjoyable with popularity, either. Besides, it’s awesome to see how lesser-known musicians acquire more success, because they start receiving more attention (and money) for their art (see Lil Nas X, for example). Also, the chances that you meet someone who enjoys their songs becomes much higher, which is fun!

Here is a playlist of some songs that I’ve enjoyed from music artists who blew up on TikTok, or songs from established artists that blew up. Some of these songs and artists I’ve actually loved pre-TikTok virality (which I’m proud of–just a little). 

Album Review: "Little Dark Age" by MGMT - UCSD Guardian

  1. MGMT – Little Dark Age
  2. Frou Frou – A New Kind of Love
  3. pinkpantheress – just for me
  4. Joy Again – Looking Out For You
  5. Doja Cat – “Mooo!”
  6. Beach Bunny – Cloud 9
  7. Kali Uchis – telepatía
  8. Flo Milli – Beef FloMix

Beef FloMix - Single by Flo Milli | Spotify

Essentially, TikTok is a great way for a music artist to be seen, and for others to discover and enjoy their work. We should encourage the act of sharing music more, as it boosts the success of musicians and allows for greater connections with others. 

(Of course, nothing exists in a vacuum and sometimes, there can be negative consequences to a music artist gaining popularity from a TikTok trend that they and their personally significant art unwittingly became a part of, but I digress…). Enjoy this playlist, and here’s to finding new music!

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