Samia to Perform at White Oak Music Hall

Written by on January 20, 2022

Samia, an independent indie rock singer, is coming to Houston’s White Oak Music Hall on February 17th. To put it quite simply, this concert is not one to miss. Samia’s vocals are effervescent and effortless. Her songs are packed with amazing lyricism, and her instrumentals are unique in every song.

Her music is laced with a dreamy vibe and fueled with rock influences. Her most recent EP, Scout, is full of this feeling. She sings of unconditional love in many forms. Her song “The Promise” featuring Jelani Aryen is representative of these feelings of internal turmoil and connection between two partners. The song pairs well with the vocals of both of the singers, and overall they bring a general wistful feeling. The song itself feels very nostalgic, however, the album was released in July of 2021.

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Similarly, her album The Baby features similar feelings of longing, yet in a more pop-y, 80’s inspired beat. The Baby specifically discusses inner reflection and conflict. Her two most recent releases have similar themes due to COVID, and other major lifestyle changes in the last two years. The Baby is definitely a product of this. For example, “Winnebago” reflects a feeling of time stopping, and just reflects on the feelings of the character within her music. Her songs in this album reflect her range, and “Winnebago” and “Minnesota” are great reflections of that. She can pull pop-like beats and add unique twists and turns to her music. I simply love this album from her.

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In order to keep up with Samia, you can follow her Instagram. She is promoting her current tour, Loving U, Thanking U. You can find more information about her tour, and upcoming releases on her website. In her Houston concert, she will be opening with Annie DiRusso. DiRusso also pulls from indie influences and has an overall more grunge and rock feel to her songs. Although she only has five singles, each of them is unique and serves to make casual listeners into fans.

It is clear that Samia has the formula to make it big, and the skill to connect with her audience. Her musical talent is present in all of her music, and I am sure her concert is not something to miss. She will be performing on February 17th, at White Oak Music Hall.

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