Timeless Love Songs: Valentine’s Day 2022

Written by on February 8, 2022

Ariana Grande and husband Dalton Gomez (2021)

Welcome to the season of love!

Whether it be a season full of appreciation or a time of reflection and grief, Valentines Day inevitably draws out all the feelings of love. Roses, chocolates filled with creams and jellies, and a nice dinner are all staples of confessing love to your partner on valentines but why stick to the same worn out original idea. This year, we invite you to press play on the stereo and let the music set the mood. Here are some of our favorite love songs for you to share this February 14th.

1. “A Thousand Years” By Christina Perri

First on our list is a modern love song featured in Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part  1. “A Thousand Years” speaks for what the heart is too afraid to admit. Perri begins admitting that from the moment her eyes laid upon her love, she knew there was a home for her heart. She then reverts back to the fear of falling for someone and allowing her to become broken by love again. Through the fear, Perri confesses her love, assuring that no matter what she will love him for a thousand years, and then a thousand more.

 Stream the song here: Christina Perri – A Thousand Years [Official Music Video]

2. “Endless Love” By Lionel Richie & Diana Ross

Arguably one of the most popular love songs, “Endless Love” is a conversational duet between Lionel Richie and Diana Ross. Originally written to accompany a movie, Richie proved himself to be a man full of love and talent willing to share it with the world. As for an artist to sing alongside Richie, who else was a better option than the one and only Diana Ross. The duo produced one of the most timeless hits, coincidentally named “Endless Love”. One thing is for sure , our love for the duo is just as endless as the love song itself. 

Stream the song here: https://open.spotify.com/track/0rt0dZ11FVsvprbarag5tk?si=96b7db7dabb24e5d

3. “POV” By Ariana Grande

Not everyone this Valentine’s Day will be celebrating and that is perfectly fine! Unfortunately, this time of year can be extremely hard on people who have not been so lucky with finding or sharing love. Current Pop icon Ariana Grande has encompassed a new and original song that expresses exactly what many people feel – the pain of not visibly seeing one’s self-worth. Sometimes it takes a reminder of how other people see us to understand how accomplished we are. If you find yourself alone this season, treat yourself to a night inside. Allow yourself to re-fall-in-love with yourself. We’d love you to see yourself from our point of view!

Stream the Song here: Ariana Grande – pov (audio)

4. “Dreaming of You” By Selena

What better way to celebrate love than daydreaming about someone. One of the first signs of love is when someone never seems to escape your mind. Selena Quintanilla sings exactly about this feeling in one of her biggest hits “Dreaming of You.” Some of us may not be able to hold our loved ones every night and until then, we can continue to dream of them holding us tight. Though Selena is no longer with us today, the latin singer’s legacy forever lives on.

Steam the song here: Selena – Dreaming Of You (Official Music Video)

5. “I Swear” By John Michael Montgomery

We couldn’t create a list of love songs to share with a Texas university without including a country love ballad. John Michael Montgomery’s 1994 song “I Swear” is a promise to his love that nothing will prevent his love.  Montgomery swears to always be there for his love, as if he was a shadow. He alludes his lyrics to wedding vows singing “For better or worse, ‘till death do us part, I’ll love you with every beat of my heart. I swear.” Montgomery captures the true feeling of wanting to prove your love to someone. The song peaked in the top 50 on Billboard’s Hot 100 and is one of the most common couple’s first dance songs at weddings. 

Stream the song here: John Michael Montgomery – I Swear (Official Music Video)

6. “Unless It’s With You” By Christina Aguilara

Known for her iconic voice and empowering anthems such as “Fighter” and “Beautiful” it’s no surprise that Christina Aguilara made our list for a love song. From her 2018 album Liberation, Aguilara becomes more vulnerable than she has ever allowed us to see. The premise of the song is that she has finally found love and she doesn’t want any part of a love story unless it’s with her new lover. The song speaks for itself and will enlighten your body to emotions as soon as the powerful melody hits your ears. We certainly don’t want to celebrate Valentine’s Day unless it’s with this song.

Stream the song here: Unless It’s With You

7. “At Last” By Etta James

Etta James’ 1960 “At Last” almost needs no description. With no break, the continuous three minutes of instrumentalism and a clearly articulated love confession, Etta James serves what Valentine’s Day is all about. With just 17 lines in the song, James not only wraps the heart in warmth, but offers minutes of what seems like the greatest definition of love.

Stream the song here: At Last

8. “Kiss It Better” By Rihanna

Opening with an electric guitar riff, Rihanna mixes together a love song, pop culture, and classic R&B music. The premise of the song is Rihanna asking her lover to continue to tell her why they love her. Rihanna asks her lover to continue praising her, loving her, and showing that with every move their love is not to be broken. From the artist’s last album ANTI (2016), Kiss It better is one of the many songs on the album capable of being considered for Valentine’s Day. Stream the song here: Rihanna – Kiss It Better (Explicit)

9. “To Be Loved” By Adele

Unlike the rest of the songs on the list, “To be Loved” talks about the pain of love. Unfortunately love is not all happiness and easy riding. Adele explains the fear of wanting to love but not wanting to be hurt. For many people, February 14th falls right after a breakup, a loss of a loved one, or just a simple inconvenience in their lives. To this I say crank up Adele and let yourself know no one is alone this love season, and you tried, just as Adele did.

Stream the song here: Adele – To Be Loved (Official Lyric Video)

10. “HIM” By Sam Smith

Finally on our list today is “HIM” by Sam Smith. Smith is an openly non-binary singer that has taken their followers on a journey of love throughout the years. For the first time in 2017, Sam Smith purposely uses he/him pronouns to identify their lover. Valentine’s Day is about love between any two people, and in this song Sam Smith allows for an LGBTQ+ friendly song. Unlike all other love songs, “HIM” directly attacks the stigma around LGBTQ+ relationships and embraces love. Embrace Love this Valentine’s season!

Listen to the song here: HIM – Sam Smith (audio)

That Completes our top picks for Valentine’s Day 2022. Enjoy the music and as always spread some love this year! 

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