Vin’s Faves (Mini Playlist)

Written by on February 14, 2022

In general, I’ve been leaning towards music that’s more laid-back or easy to listen to. As I’ve been settling into the semester and building a routine, I haven’t been listening to music to pump myself up. Instead, I’ve been listening to music just to accompany me in the background while I do my silly little tasks or unwind from a long day of work. Here is what I’ve been enjoying lately:

1. Fields of Blue – Tennis

For me, Tennis is a go-to when I want to listen to something that relaxes me, and also doesn’t distract me from what I’m doing. Not only that, but their music and particularly this album (Yours Conditionally) always raises my spirits. The singer of the Tennis duo, Alaina Moore, has a sweet, angelic voice that’s enhanced with the catchy, soft guitar riffs in this song. Fun fact: I actually got to see them in concert and during this song there were blue lights flooding the stage. Everything was magical. I highly recommend seeing them live!

Tennis, courtesy of SeatGeek

2. Guitar Song (Live) – Frou Frou

Frou Frou is another duo I love so dearly. My favorite singer, Imogen Heap, was a part of this band, with her most notable single after the separation being “Hide and Seek” (which Jason Derulo famously sampled in “Whatcha Say“, but I digress). They disbanded in 2003 , yet still they produced the most ethereal electronic music that I continue to enjoy and listen to often. This song is much different from the rest of their music though as there’s no extensive production, only some guitar and Imogen’s beautifully breathy vocals. This song truly makes me feel warm and cozy all over.

Take your time, we’ll feel our rhythm

And find our feet, just like lovers do

Me and you

Imogen Heap in “Guitar Song (Live)”

3. Shirley Temple Tidal Wave – Airiel

Airiel is actually a recent discovery for me that I’ve been really enjoying lately along with other shoegaze artists. This song in particular off of their 2004 album Winks & Kisses really takes me into a dreamy headspace as the instrumentals take over. I politely recommend you to stop whatever you’re doing so that you can put your full attention to this 6 minute song because it has so many interesting facets that you can miss!

Winks & Kisses CD box set cover, courtesy of Reddit

4. Right Down the Line – Gerry Rafferty

If you’ve been watching Euphoria like I have, you would recognize this song from Episode 2 of Season 2. Despite that stressful scene when it played, the song was so catchy (or groovy, I should say) that I had to look it up right after I heard it in the show.

I know how much I lean on you

Only you can see

The changes that I’ve been through

Have left a mark on me

Gerry Rafferty in “Right Down the Line”

5. Call It Fate, Call It Karma – The Strokes

I love this song, even if it’s simple and paired-down compared to The Strokes‘ other more electric songs. Julian Casablancas’ falsetto is both silly yet refreshing as he sings, “Can I waste all your time here on the sidewalk?” Honestly, it sounds even better with a $5 mini speaker I bought, enhancing the fuzziness of the song.

I hope you all enjoyed this mini playlist, or discovered a new song or artist to gush over!

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