Remi Wolf: Gwingle Gwongle Tour

Written by , on September 29, 2022

Remi Wolf performed at the White Oak Music Hall, returning to Houston after four years, this past Monday leaving the first day of the week feeling like the weekend. As she mentioned to the crowd’s cheers, “Not bad for a Monday ” many lined up to wait for doors to open at 6 pm to a sold-out show in Houston. The expressive artist began the week for her fans with a high-energy performance. 

Orion Sun, an R&B singer/ songwriter and producer, opened the show, and got the crowd ready with her smooth dance moves and sincere performance of heartfelt songs. She opened with her song “Lighting” and sang in a very heartfelt tone with the crowd slowly bumping their heads to the song. She sang songs from her albums Hold Space For Me, A Collection of Fleeting Moments and Daydreams, Getaway EP, and a couple of her single songs. Engaged with the crowd using her song “Ne Me Quitte Pas (Don’t Leave Me)” singing the lyrics “It feels so good to know ya,” to the people. Her band members consisted of keyboardist Kayla, guitarist/bassist AJ, drums Malcolm, and singer Orion Sun. Her last song consisted of one of her popular songs “Antidote” which got the crowd energetic. Orion Sun thanked the crowd stating that she is thankful for every second she gets on the stage. “I think it’s really cool that we get this space that at least for a couple of hours, have a little joy, have a little laughter.”

Next, Remi Wolf’s performance began with a guitar intro to “Because” by the Beatles from her band members transitioning into “Quiet on Set” then into “Grumpy Old Man” greeting fans at the end of the song, “ Texas for christ sake you can ride, like a goddamn cowboy you are baby. Hello, my name is Remi Wolf and it is my honor and privilege to be here in Houston.” Telling the crowd to sing each song as loud as they can, to move their hips to the left and right, and hug their neighbor to start the crowd going. She sang songs from her newer album Juno and her older albums’ I’m Allergic to dogs! and You’re a Dog! Bubbles were released into the crowd in the middle of her setlist which gave the crowd a beautiful view through the venue and the stage setup, which consisted of a design of big flower lights.

Each song was introduced with a story from Remi to try to get the crowd ready for it, for example, “Sexy Villain” was introduced with her asking questions to the crowd like “have you ever felt like a bad*** mother******,” then asking more questions eventually stating, “Some people call this the human experience or just human nature, but I call this something else. I call this the Sexy Villian symptom.” About an hour into the show there was a performance from her drummer, Conor Malloy, giving out his “Positive Affirmations by Conor Malloy” with Remi Wolf on the drums. The performance consisted of Malloy saying many affirmations and the crowd reciting them back, “My happy thoughts will become my reality,” was one of the affirmations along with “I know how to do my taxes.” When Malloy sat back down to his drums Remi mentioned sleeping with him about three times leaving the crowd with laughter. Remi also sang a cover song by Frank Ocean “Pink + White” getting the crowd even more energetic than before. 

Ending the show with “Photo ID,” Remi left the stage only to come back to the crowds cheering her name to sing “Disco Man” both songs are from her older album, I’m Allergic To Dogs! with crowds singing loudly along with her and dancing along. Saying thank you to the crowd for being there stating that she wouldn’t be where she is now without her fans, Remi and her band members bowed then left the stage and the show ended. The singer gave a wonderful performance with her stage skills getting the crowds ready and the crowd being as supportive back to her, with fans screaming that they love her and singing along to every song performed. Remi Wolf, an energetic and lively artist, leaves a Monday in Houston, Texas feeling like a Friday to continue her Gwingle Gwongle Tour.

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