Twenty One Pilots Cools Houston Down with the Icy Tour

Written by on September 19, 2022

Making their return to the Toyota Center since 2019, Twenty One Pilots performs their many hits along with their new tracks from their latest Scaled and Icy.

Twenty One Pilots formed in 2009 and consists of members Tyler Joseph and Joshua Dun. In 2022, they are currently six albums and multiple tours in to their musical career. They returned to the Toyota Center on September 14th, where fans were dressed in blue to commemorate the new Scaled and Icy era. Fans lined up for the show since the Friday prior, showing how true Twenty One Pilots fans are.

The opening act of the night was the Woodlands singer Peter McPoland, who essentially played a hometown show at the arena. He exclaimed his excitement of playing a hometown show, and played his hits to an energetic crowd. McPoland ran up and down the stage and had great interactions with the crowd while singing songs like “Romeo and Juliet” and “Shit Show.”

Promptly at 8:45 p.m., fake snow started falling out from the sky, and the duo took the stage. As they began to perform “Good Day,” Joseph welcomed the crowd to the Icy Tour. For the first part of the tour, they played tracks like “Guns for Hands,” “Holding On To You” and “The Outside.” Before playing their Blurryface hit “Lane Boy,” Joseph told the audience that Dallas said they would beat Houston when it comes to raging in the pit, and Houston took that as a challenge.

After playing more tracks from older albums like “Chlorine” and “Mulberry Street,” Joseph walked through the general admission crowd to the B-Stage, where he played a heart-wrenching compilation that consisted of one song chorus from each of their albums – “Addict With a Pen,” “Forest,” “Ode to Sleep,” “Hometown,” “Bandito” and “Choker.” Joseph later declared that Houston was the loudest to sing any of these songs on tour as he walked over to the main stage to perform acoustic versions of “The Judge” and “Migraine” around a campfire with Dun and the rest of the band.

The show reverted back to a full-fledged performance and played fan favorites like “Jumpsuit” and “Heavy Dirty Soul,” as well as a mixture of “My Blood” and “Saturday.” Before playing “Level of Concern,” Joseph finally made the call that Houston was way better than Dallas. Joseph proceeded to sing “Ride” from the arena levels and b-stage, where he then jumped on to an air mattress and surfed his way over the crowd to the main stage. They finished their set with “Car Radio,” “Stressed Out,” “Heathens” and “Trees” – Joseph and Dun brought out their drum kits and had the fans hold them up as they played.

Twenty One Pilots was always known for the amazing show presence and sense of musical styles, but the Icy Tour had an additional level of crowd interactions that made the show extremely entertaining to watch. The performance was immersive from beginning to end, showing how much Twenty One Pilots cares about the music and their fans, and the Icy Tour was definitely their best show in Houston by far. The duo is currently on their North American tour, which is set to end in Seattle on September 24th.

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